Top 12 Bald Rappers in Hip Hop


rappers with blonde hair

The Best Rappers with Blonde Hair (Complete Gallery)

Hip-Hop artists infatuation to stand out has set many trends within the culture, 4 …

Twists for Men

12 Twists for Men in 2023 (Video + Gallery)

Twists for Men continue to be a great hairstyle choice for men with afro-textured hair. They offer a great look while simultaneously being low maintenance. The protective hairstyle can be worn on both short and long hair and we have taken it upon ourselves to demonstrate the different options available to you.

Ja Morant Hair

Ja Morant Hair (Detailed Look)

Outside of his athletic abilities Ja Morant hair has gained attention on social media which inadvertently made him a centre of attention for this unique look. We have seen him alternate between an afro, twists and his current hairstyle being traditional dreads.


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what are chinos

What are Chinos?

For those of you posing the question, what are chinos? Simply put Chinos are lightweight trousers made from cotton that are tapered across the thigh width & inseam leg all the way towards the ending of the pants.

types of Baseball Caps

Different types of Baseball Caps

The baseball cap was introduced during the 18th Century which were worn exclusively by Baseball players to represent their respective teams. The caps during this period were made with wool and leather, today there are many different types of baseball caps coming in a range of designs, fabrics and styles.

men wearing pink

Ultimate Guide to Men wearing Pink

Often times Men wearing pink are subject to scrutiny as well as being labelled effeminate due to the colour’s close association with females. At Heartafact we subscribe to a different thought process which is that Men who sport pink communicate confidence in self, boldness and style disregarding all external opinions.

custom air force 1s

The Best Custom Air Force 1’s

The Air force one is used as a creative outlet for self-expression, creativity and personalization as evidenced in our in-house editorial which features some of the best custom air force 1’s.

what is a bomber jacket

What is a Bomber Jacket?

To answer your question, what is a bomber Jacket? A bomber Jacket is a short waist length jacket which contains garment specifics … Read more

No matches on Tinder

No Matches on Tinder

Having no matches on Tinder is a common problem amongst men that women do not seem to experience while using the app. … Read more

Techwear Brands

Essential guide to Techwear & Techwear Brands

In response to the fashion world and streetwear culture demanding more utility and functional pieces brands have decided to create techwear which at its core is science and fashion coming together to meet those demands. Techwear brands have incorporated these new technologies for maximum versatility and reliability.

how to wear chelsea boots

How to wear Chelsea Boots

The Classic Chelsea Boot originates from the Victorian era and were created for the Queen in response to opting for comfortable footwear for horse riding and walking. Today the boot has become a fashion item with credit to the Beatles for its revival in the 60’s. As there are now many variations of the boot we have produced a Men’s Expert Guide on How to wear Chelsea boots.

what to wear to a 90s party

What to wear to a 90s party

The 90s will forever be embedded in our minds as one of the most stylish decades. No matter how much time goes by we still use the 90s as a reference point for outfit ideas due to its nostalgia. What’s even more interesting is that today multiple 90s parties are thrown across major cities worldwide which leads to the question what to wear to a 90s party.

90s Hip Hop Fashion

90s Hip Hop Fashion

As side from being regarded the golden era of Hip Hop Music the 90s also set precedence and traditionfor how we dress today. The influence of 90s Hip Hop Fashion continually presents itself which is why we going to look at the most memorable trends and brands to come from that era to help inspire your outfit choices.

best kanye west songs

Best Kanye West Songs

Kanye West is arguably one of the most talented musicians the world has seen today with a career that started in music production and then making a seamless transition into becoming an artist, we have decided to compile a list of the Best Kanye west songs.

How to wear Timberlands

How to wear Timberlands

Over the years what started as a work boot for construction workers has now turned into a fashion statement through the influence of hip hop music and street culture. The boot is one of the most recognizable footwear’s worldwide and I will be showing you the right way on how to wear timberlands.

Why are Yeezys so Expensive

Why are Yeezys so Expensive?

Yeezy which is the collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas is one of the most iconic sneakers to be released today. With the partnership first being announced in 2013 we have seen many releases such as the 350, 750 and 950 all ranging from $200 – $600. Since its initial release to the public multiple consumers have asked the question “why are Yeezys so Expensive?

mens style decade review

A Look into Mens Style Over the Past Decade

As the new decade is here we can almost guarantee men’s fashion and style will continuously go through changes at different points, just as it did during the previous decade. In the previous decade men’s style went through massive changes, for example, the rise and popularity between streetwear and high end luxury brands merging together. Virgil Abloh being the poster child for this movement took a stance when it came to changing an industry by creating apparel for Louis Vuitton using streetwear aesthetics.

how to slide into dms

How to slide into dms

Let’s face it, with social media now a part of our daily lives and routines it should come as no surprise as to how popular the dms have become. People slide into dms for all kind of reasons such as networking, dating and to hook up. Though it has become the norm to slide into the dm there’s a right way to go about it and a wrong way which is why I will show you how to slide into dms for the best results.

why is bape so expensive

So why is Bape so expensive?

Bape also known as Bathing Ape came into major popularity in the last decade between 2004- 2007. There was a time Bape was the go to favourite for rappers which then evolved into street wear culture. So why is Bape so expensive you ask? For a number of reasons which I will be exploring in detail within this article , however, right off the bat one reason Bape is expensive is due to the fact that as there a premium brand they are going to charge prices to match that, which ultimately does 2 things

universal hip hop musuem artifacts

Artifacts we need at the Universal Hip Hop Museum

The Universal Hip Hop Museum is scheduled for an official opening in the year 2023 and will dedicate its space to ensuring the preservation, documentation, and celebration of Hip Hop Culture. The artifacts at the Universal Hip Hop museum will educate the Hip Hop community of its importance to the culture and influence. Since its initial beginnings in the 70’s Hip Hop has continued to grow and evolve and is no longer just street music but a global culture people around the world identify with.

first year blogging

First Year Blogging (Reflection & Future Blogging Goals)

October 2019 officially marks my first year blogging and I’ve decided to write this post to revisit it next year to assess how far I’ve come.  While I have ambition, vision and hustle to turn my website into a fully functional media brand its important I celebrate the small wins along the way.

Nordic Poetry


Nordic Poetry is the central hub for retro and vintage fashion for both men and women’s designer and sports pieces. The store … Read more



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