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The Jadakiss Hair subject has been a topic of discussion in recent years with the MC deciding to finally let his hair grow. While Jadakiss keeps his hair relatively low which appears to be no longer than 1.5 in length the fact that he can achieve this still baffles the masses as the misconception around Jadakiss hair is that he’s bald.

We will take a detailed look at his hair over the years while clearing up these misconceptions.


Why do People think Jada is Bald?

Jadakiss Hair Today

The misconception around Jadakiss’s Hair exists due to keeping the consistent bald look throughout the majority of his career.

Jadakiss is from the Hip Hop group LOX with members including Styles P & Sheek Louch. Together the 3 grew up in Yonkers New York and entered the rap game in the 90s.

During the 90s other Hip Hop groups such as onyx who were at the forefront of Hip Hop at the time, alongside DMX and common rock the bald look with confidence.

With that being said, Jadakiss was never bald due to hair loss but rather to keep a uniform look with his rap group LOX he made a conscious decision to shave his hair off and keep it this way through his career.


Jadakiss Hair Today

Today Jadakiss is a respectable and established MC, therefore he doesn’t feel the need to rock the bald head to fit the group aesthetic.

Today his hair is kept low with a regular shape up. We estimate his hair is not above the 1.5 length.

In a 2012 interview Jadakiss shared further light on his hair stating that even his mum was under the impression he couldn’t grow his hair as he rocked it bald from the 90s up till the late 2000s.

In addition to this Jadakiss states that he also made the conscious decision to grow his hair out of respect for his incarcerated friend.



Here is a Timeline of his Hair throughout the Years


90s – 2010

From the 90s all the way until the late 2010’s we saw Jadakiss rock the bald look

Jadakiss hair in the 2000s



2012 – 2020

jada hair

In 2012 Jadakiss dropped his fifth mixtape Consignment which featured the rapper wearing a tuxedo. In the image we can see Jadakiss with a clean shape up and hair which stated the topic of discussion and interest


2020 – Current Times

current hairstyle


sharp hairline




So as you can see Jadakiss can in fact grow his hair, sometimes even choosing to grow his hair into a mini afro. He has stated while he may never be able to grow long hair like dreads he does from time to time like to let his hair grow.

Jadakiss also cannot grow facial hair which may be another reason the MC decided to change his look and try something new.

While rappers like Jadakiss and DMX choice the bald look in the 90s and 2000s today we have a great number of rappers with dreads are their go to look, check it out.



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