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Bow wow has been in the public eye from the age of 10 in which we have witnessed his evolution in music, personal style and hair. The Bow Wow Hair Journey has been documented from 1993 until today and includes

  • High-top Braids
  • Cornrows
  • Twists
  • Low Buzz Cuts
  • Afro Curls


Our editorial will give you a detailed look at Bow Wow’s Hair journey from the 90s to today and the multiple different hairstyles he’s done with it. 


High-top Braids (Current Look)

Today Bow Wow can be seen with High top braids in multiple different braided variations. He constantly shares the different looks via his Instagram page.

High top braids can be described as the sides of the head shaved off with hair on Top. The hair on top is what’s used to create the braids with regular trims to the sides to maintain the look.

We can see Bow Wow regularly braids his hair in multiple ways. The most popular styles being 2 big braids and zig zag patterns.

Bow wows hair




Bow Wow Hair in Twists

The best alternative to braids are twists in which we see Bow Wow style his Hair from time to time.

While braids may be similar in appearance they are in fact different hairstyles.

The main difference between braids and twists is the technique used on the hair.

Braids are installed by intertwining three strands of hair together, while twists require only two strands to be wrapped around each other which are normally referred to as 2 strand twists.

We have evidence of Bow Wow alternating between the 2 styles giving him variety.


Bow Wow Hair in Afro Curls

Bow wow hair moments

We have seen Bow Wow rock out his natural afro curls with shaved sides.

Recently he endorsed the Twist King Hair Sponge which has been marketed to those with curly hair.

Within these promotional shots we get to see his natural afro curls, take a look at the video below.




Low Buzz Cuts

Buzz Cuts

As a part of Bow Wows transition and rebrand we saw him cut off his braids for a more formal masculine look which was the low Buzz cut hairstyle.

Bow has since transitioned back to longer hair but did rock the low buzz cut for a few years.  

There are multiple examples of buzz cuts for men today such as the buzz cut fade, military buzz cut, or even the crew buzz cut. Here are some Buzz Cut Styles to Know



Bow Wow Hair in Cornrows

Bow wow braids


Bow Wow’s career can be categorised in 3 phases.

1. Lil Bow Wow – The kid rapper introduced to us by Jermaine Dupri
2. Bow Wow – The teenage phase of his career and 20’s
3. Shad Moss – The adult now with a child

It’s important for us to mention this for context as cornrows were predominately worn by the MC during his younger years.

During his youthful days we saw the rapper style his cornrows in many different ways for example middle parting cornrows, traditional cornrows and zig zag style cornrows. 





The main takeaway is that the Bow Wow hair journey has gone through many phases as to be expected since hes been in the music industry from the age of 10.

As we always say, should you find appeal in any of the hairstyles, do some more research and pick a suit to suit you.


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