The Big Sean Hair Journey

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The Big Sean Hair Journey has ranged from the artist styling his hair in multiple different ways. These include

  • Cornrows
  • Twist Outs
  • Blow Out Afro
  • Afro Fades
  • Low cut Fades

Our editorial will give you a detailed look of Big Sean’s Hair journey and the multiple different hairstyles he’s done.

Hip Hop artists not only use music to express their individuality but also use hairstyles to communicate who they are. A decade into his career and we have witnessed in real time Big Sean go from low cut fades to protective braided hairstyles. Let’s take a detailed look



Big Sean Hair in Cornrows (Current Look)

Big Sean Hair in braids

Since late 2019 Big Sean has styled his hair in cornrows. The cornrows have ranged in style from traditional, 2 braided cornrows to zig zag cornrows.

Big Sean Hair in braids

The history of cornrows runs deep in Black culture and continues to present itself in modern times.

The style was originally used as a communication method amongst African slaves. They communicated your tribe, marital status, your wealth, religion, and more. While they no longer serve the purpose as it did the slaves they are rich in Black culture and heritage which is no surprise we have seen Hip Hop artists since the genres inception style their hair this way.

Big Sean’s cornrows are evident of culture being preserved in modern times, take a look at his other rappers with braids and cornrows.

A schedule zoom call is due to take place in which will ask Sean about his decision to grow his hair into cornrows and what it means to him.


Big Sean Hair in a Twist Out

Big Sean Hair Journey

A twist out is one of the many benefits that comes with keeping your hair in a protective style then removing it after 4-6 weeks.

Once your hair is ready to be taken out and then unravelled hair will begin to form gorgeous waves and curls as hair has been kept in a pattern for weeks.

Big Sean has shown off his Twist out look throughout his social media accounts.


Afro Blow Outs

afro blow out

Another amazing benefit of afro kinky hair is the afro blow outs! Big Sean has shared multiple images of his hair in a blow-out which is normally achieved with the use of oils and a blow dryer. Hair is sectioned, picked with an afro comb and blow dried out which further increases the hair volume and length.

In the ’60s and ’70s this style was largely popularly in the black community as a symbol to represent black unity and pride.

The blow technique was used on natural hair to create a perfectly round afro and to make the hair appear longer which Big Sean does from time to time.

Afro Blow out



Afro Fades

afro fade

We have been fortunate to have Big Sean’s hair journey documented throughout the media and we can see that he began to grow his hair into a mini afro around late 2017 – early 2018.

His afro would of course be the foundation for his cornrow, in the meantime to keep a fresh look Big Sean would regularly fade the sides while having his hair line shaped up.

The best thing about these afro fades is the ability to change your appearance in a matter of minutes. The clean minimalist side shave helps keep you fresh when growing a fro. Evident by Sean during this time period.

Afro fade




Low cut Fades

Low cut Fade

Finally, low cut fades! The style he wore once introduced to the rap world. Throughout 2011 – 2018 Sean kept his hairstyle relatively low with the occasional mid afro from time to time. He also usually wore hats.

We have archives from this period of Sean in the low cut hair style on albums & mixtape covers, music videos, awards shows and photoshoots.

This style is chosen by many men as it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require much else. The change took place in 2018 when Sean decided to grow his hair.

Prior to that it was the low cut hairstyle we were privy too.




The main takeaway is that Big Sean’s hair has undergone many different styles, each one serving a different purpose on his hair journey.

We advise you research some of these styles that appeal to you, talk to a stylist and achieve a similar look. Hair should be experimented with so why not give it a try!


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