80s Hairstyles Men should Style

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The 80s hairstyles men styled ranged in different variations, this decade was all about big hair, spiky styles, and lots of gel!

If you’re looking to add a little bit of 80s flair to your look, here are a few popular styles to try. Keep in mind that not every style will work with every man’s hair type or face shape, so be sure to do your research before trying something new. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the most popular 80s hairstyles for men!


The Top 80s Hairstyles Men Rocked Effortlessly



80s Hairstyles Men rocked

The mullet hairstyle was popular in the 80s. It is a short hairstyle in the front and long in the back. The look can be described as being business in the front and party in the back.

The mullet hairstyle was popular among the heavy metal subculture and rednecks. It was one of the major 80s fashion trends.

Flat Top

flat tops in the 80s & 90s

The Flat Top Hairstyle was a popular 80s hairstyle for men. It involved having your hair cut short and straight across the top of your head, with the hair on the sides and back of your head slightly longer.

The Flat Top Hairstyle gave men a very clean and polished look, and it was often worn by members of the military, law enforcement, and other professional or formal settings. It could also be considered a “subcultural” hairstyle, as it was often associated with African Americans, Hispanics, and other minority groups during the 80s.


Jheri Curls

80s Hairstyles Men should try

Jheri curls were a popular 80s hairstyle for men. They were named after Jheri Redding, the man who invented the style.

They are a type of curly perm that gives hair a wet and slick look. They often have a lot of shine and can be difficult to manage.

Jheri curls were popular among African Americans in the 80s, but they have also been worn by other subcultures, such as punk rockers and heavy metal fans.



80s Hairstyles Men should try now

A perm is a hairstyle that uses a chemical process to straighten or curl hair temporarily. The look was popular in the 1980s with people of all ages, but it was especially popular with teenagers and young adults.

The feel of perm hair is soft and curly. It’s a popular style for people who want big, bouncy curls without having to put in a lot of time and effort into styling their hair each day.


High Top Fade

High Top Fade

The high top fade haircut was popularized in the 1980s by African American communities. The look is created by cutting the hair very short on the sides and back and then using a comb to brush the hair upwards towards the top of the head, creating a “bump” or “high top.”

Young men often wore this style as part of street gangs or as a sign of toughness and power. The high top fade has also recently been revived and popularized by hip hop artists and celebrities.


Slicked Back Hair

80s Hairstyles Men slicked back

The Slicked Back Hairstyle is a look that is sleek, polished, and understated. It has a very professional and put-together vibe and is often seen on men in business or formal settings.

The style can be achieved by using gel, pomade, or wax to slick the hair back away from the face. It can be worn short or long but is most commonly seen on men with medium-length hair.

The Slicked Back Hairstyle originated in the 80s when it was popularized by the punk and metal subcultures. It has continued to be popular throughout the decades and can be seen on celebrities and everyday people alike.


Big Volume Hair (Rockstar)

Big Volume Hair

The big volume hairstyle was popularized by the punk and New Wave subcultures in the 1980s. It is a look characterized by teased, volumized hair with lots of product. The feel is big and bouncy, and it can be styled into a variety of looks, including mohawks, pompadours, and spikes.


Buzz Cut

buzz cut

Buzz cuts are a very short, even haircut that can be styled in a variety of ways. The look is clean and low-maintenance, and it was popularized by military personnel and athletes in the 1980s.

The buzz cut is considered a very masculine style, and it was often worn by members of the punk and heavy metal subcultures in the 80s. Today, the buzz cut is still popular among men who want a low-maintenance hairstyle that is easy to style.




The Mohawk hairstyle is a sharp, edgy look that features a strip of hair running down the middle of the head, from front to back. This distinctive style got its start in the punk and heavy metal subcultures in the 1980s, but it has since been adopted by athletes, celebrities, and fashionistas of all stripes.

The Mohawk can be worn in a variety of ways, including spiked up on top, shaved down on the sides, or braided into one long strip. It is a high-maintenance style that requires regular trimming and styling to maintain its signature look. But for those who like to make a bold statement, there’s nothing quite like the Mohawk.


Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair

Spiky hair is a hairstyle in which the hair is styled into points. The style is often worn by punk rockers and Heavy Metal fans. Spiky hair feels rough and prickly, and it can be difficult to style.

In the 1980s, punk rockers and Heavy Metal fans wore spiky hair to symbolize rebellion against mainstream culture. Today, spiky hair is still popular among punk rockers and Heavy Metal fans, but it is also becoming more popular among young people in general.


Skin Head

Skin Head

The Skin Head look was created by shaving all the hair from the head with an electric clipper or razor blade. The style got its start in Nazi Germany as a way for members of Hitler’s fascist party to show their allegiance to him and his ideology. It has been adopted by various subcultures since then, including punks and metalheads who wanted to make a statement about society’s conformity. 


80s Punk Hair

80s Punk Hair

The 80s punk hairstyle was a messy, spiky look that was popular with the punk rock subculture. It was meant to be an unkempt and defiant look, and it often required a lot of hairspray and gel to keep it in place. The feel of the 80s punk hairstyle was rebellious and carefree, and it often symbolized a rejection of mainstream values.


Short Curtain Style

curtain style hair

The short curtain style is a popular 80s hairstyle for men. It’s a short, spiky style that gives you a lot of volume and texture. Punk rockers and heavy metal fans were especially drawn to this look, as it helped them stand out from the mainstream crowd.

The style can be achieved by using lots of gel or mousse to create spikes and then finishing with hairspray to hold everything in place. It’s a high-maintenance style that can be difficult to maintain, but the end result is definitely worth the effort.


mens Comb Over

The combover hairstyle is a look that features a bald or shaved head on the top, with hair growing long and styled in a combover on the sides and back. The look became popular in the 1980s, when it was typically worn by men in the punk and heavy metal subcultures. The style has seen a resurgence in recent years, with many celebrities sporting variations of the look.


Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder Length Hair (1)

Shoulder length hair can have a soft and natural feel. It is often worn straight with a little bit of wave or curl. This style was popular in the 1980s among many subcultures. Punk rockers, new wavers, and glam rockers were all fans of the shoulder length style. It was seen as a more natural and understated look when compared to the big, teased hairstyles of the time.


Bleached/Dyed Hair

Bleached Dyed Hair

The bleached and dyed hairstyle was popular in the 80s punk rock subculture. It was typically styled in a mohawk or other spiky looks and gave the wearer an edgy, rebellious look.

The style could be achieved by bleaching all of your hair blonde or by dyeing it a bright color like pink, blue, or green. Many people also added streaks of color to their hair for a more dramatic effect.

The style required a lot of maintenance and had to be regularly bleached and dyed to keep its bright colors. Punk rockers often took pride in their outrageous hairstyles and saw them as a way to express their individuality and rebel against mainstream culture.



mens 80s hairstyles

The undercut hairstyle is a short, tapered cut on the sides and back of your head, with hair left longer on top. It gives you a modern look and can be styled in a variety of ways. The 80s punk rock subculture popularized this style, and it’s still worn by many people today who want a stylish, edgy look.



Pompadour hairstyle

The pompadour hairstyle is a classic 80s hairstyle for men. It is a very versatile style that can be worn by men or women, and it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

The feel of the pompadour hairstyle is sleek and sexy. It gives off a rock and roll vibe, and it was very popular in the 80s among punk and heavy metal fans. To achieve this look, you will need to tease your hair into a high pompadour shape on top of your head and then hairspray to hold it in place.


Conclusion of the Different 80s Hairstyles Men wore

The 80s were a great time for hair. There were so many different styles to choose from, and everyone seemed to have their own look. Whether you preferred the slick back, feathered style or just wanted to keep it natural, there was a men’s hairstyle for you in the 80s. So if your thinking 80s Hairstyles Men should try look no further.


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