Ja Morant Hair Journey (Detailed Look)

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Content Updated in 2024

Since his NBA debut we have seen Ja Morant hair in real time alternate between an afro, twists and his current hairstyle being traditional dreads.

Our editorial will detail his hair evolution while taking a look at his current hairstyle.

The Best Ja Morant Hairstyles

Ja Morant Hair in an Afro (2019)

The year is 2019 and Ja Morant is a new face on the court. During this time we saw him sport has afro hair along with a taper fade.

While Ja became much more experimental with his hairstyle it all started with the thick afro. Not long after he would begin to put his hair in twists which would then create the foundation for his dreads.

Twists (2020)

Shortly after styling his hair in the afro taper fade he quickly transitioned into styling his hair in twists.  

Ja Morant hair in twists

Not only did the twists present a new look for the player at the time, they were also a great protective style. This would act as the perfect segue into the formation of his dreadlocks.

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Budding in 2020

During the budding phase, we saw Ja’s new growth puffy and on the fuzzy side. The was the transition away from twists.

Teenage Locs in 2021

At the teenage stage locs start to plump up and develop their form and we also saw colour added for the first time.

Ja Morant Hair at Shoulder Length in 2022

Ja Morant Dreads (2024)

Ja Morant dreads
Ja Morant dreads in colour
Ja Morant dreads down

Ja Morant’s current hairstyle are traditional dreads.  As we mentioned before not only are dreads enough to make you stand out on the court as most athletes will sport the buzz cut, his dreads feature the front few locs dyed in blue and pink.

While hairstyles may appear to be the norm this was not always the case in the NBA.

In the 2001 All-Star game we saw Allen Iverson rock his famous cornrows and the rest is history.

From James Harden to Ja, we have multiple examples of players with hairstyles on the court which can date back to Allen Iverson’s influence. When you see players in braids, twists or dreadlocks this can all be credited to him.

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