G Unit Members

G Unit Members (Detailed Look)

With the success of Get Rich or Die Tryin Interscope awarded 50 the chance to start his own record label G unit which resulted in the group releasing multiple videos, albums, and mixtapes.

Dipset Members

Dipset Members (Detailed Look)

If you’re a hip hop head your well aware of the cultural impact Dipset has had as a rap group throughout the game. The Harlem natives continue to be praised as one of the best hip hop groups.

Fastest Rappers In Hip Hop

Fastest Rappers in Hip Hop

The fastest rappers in Hip Hop have a unique advantage over their peers which is the ability to rhyme at a faster pace. If nothing else it demonstrates an ability to be able to have breath control, skill and flow all the while outpacing the rappers on the track. Make no mistake about it the fastest rappers in Hip Hop have a unique Gift.

80s Rappers

80s Rappers that Dominated Hip Hop

While the 90s is often regarded the Golden era of Hip Hop it’s the 80s rappers who deserve all the praise for laying the blueprint and setting the foundation for Hip Hop Culture. The 80s marked a time in which we began to see Hip Hop go commercial, receive more national radio play and be introduced to the world through YO MTV Raps.

is pop smoke related to 50 cent

Is Pop Smoke related to 50 cent?

For those of you posing the question “Is Pop Smoke related to 50 cent?” the answer is No, Pop Smoke and 50cent weren’t related.

It’s well documented that 50 cent quickly took a liking into Pop Smoke as an artist, while Pop Smoke went on to demonstrate his love and appreciation for 50 cent often citing him as his main musical influence.

Crip Rappers in Hip Hop

Crip Rappers in Hip Hop

Crips being one of the largest gangs began to spread across LA during the early 1980s with the crack cocaine epidemic primarily effecting black neighbourhoods. The Gang culture within Hip Hop would go on to create the sub-genre gangster rap with Crip rappers from these neighbourhoods using the music to reflect life in LA.

Blood Rappers in Hip Hop

Blood Rappers in Hip Hop

Hip Hop and Gang culture has been synonymous since the music genres inception which is evident by certain artists across the nation representing their sets and gangs throughout the decades. Blood rappers are often identified by the use of red bandana’s, hand signs and internal gang culture dialogue.  

What Rappers have gone Diamond

What Rappers have gone Diamond?

The Diamond status first introduced by the Recording Industry association of America is a certificate awarded to artists who have sold 10 million copies of an album or single. While many hip hop artists have achieved platinum status (1 million copies) only the cream of the crop have achieved diamond status. So, if you’re thinking “What rappers have gone Diamond?” our editorial lists all the hip hop acts achieving this status.

lil rappers

A Brief History of Lil Rappers in Hip Hop

The term ‘lil’ is synonymous within Hip Hop culture used by an artist of small stature, youth or out of tradition. For the record, the first rapper in Hip Hop history under the Lil guise was Lil Rodney C from the rap group Funky 4 + 1 who were active as a group during the late 70s. Today we have over 600 lil rappers which is evidence of the popularity the name holds which continues to grow.


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