Ja Morant Hair Styles and dreads

Ja Morant Hair Journey (Detailed Look)

Outside of his athletic abilities Ja Morant hair has gained attention on social media which inadvertently made him a centre of attention for this unique look.

rappers with blonde hair

The Best Rappers with Blonde Hair (Complete Gallery)

Hip-Hop artists infatuation to stand out has set many trends within the culture, 4 …

Twists for Men

12 Twists for Men in 2024 (Video + Gallery)

Twists for Men continue to be a great hairstyle choice for men with afro-textured hair. They offer a great look while simultaneously being low maintenance.


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Why are Yeezys so Expensive

Why are Yeezys so Expensive?

Yeezy which is the collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas is one of the most iconic sneakers to be released today. With the partnership first being announced in 2013 we have seen many releases such as the 350, 750 and 950 all ranging from $200 – $600. Since its initial release to the public multiple consumers have asked the question “why are Yeezys so Expensive?

mens style decade review

A Look into Mens Style Over the Past Decade

As the new decade is here we can almost guarantee men’s fashion and style will continuously go through changes at different points, just as it did during the previous decade. In the previous decade men’s style went through massive changes, for example, the rise and popularity between streetwear and high end luxury brands merging together. Virgil Abloh being the poster child for this movement took a stance when it came to changing an industry by creating apparel for Louis Vuitton using streetwear aesthetics.

how to slide into dms

How to slide into dms

Let’s face it, with social media now a part of our daily lives and routines it should come as no surprise as to how popular the dms have become. People slide into dms for all kind of reasons such as networking, dating and to hook up. Though it has become the norm to slide into the dm there’s a right way to go about it and a wrong way which is why I will show you how to slide into dms for the best results.

why is bape so expensive

So why is Bape so expensive?

Bape also known as Bathing Ape came into major popularity in the last decade between 2004- 2007. There was a time Bape was the go to favourite for rappers which then evolved into street wear culture. So why is Bape so expensive you ask? For a number of reasons which I will be exploring in detail within this article , however, right off the bat one reason Bape is expensive is due to the fact that as there a premium brand they are going to charge prices to match that, which ultimately does 2 things

universal hip hop musuem artifacts

Artifacts we need at the Universal Hip Hop Museum

The Universal Hip Hop Museum is scheduled for an official opening in the year 2023 and will dedicate its space to ensuring the preservation, documentation, and celebration of Hip Hop Culture. The artifacts at the Universal Hip Hop museum will educate the Hip Hop community of its importance to the culture and influence. Since its initial beginnings in the 70’s Hip Hop has continued to grow and evolve and is no longer just street music but a global culture people around the world identify with.

first year blogging

First Year Blogging (Reflection & Future Blogging Goals)

October 2019 officially marks my first year blogging and I’ve decided to write this post to revisit it next year to assess how far I’ve come.  While I have ambition, vision and hustle to turn my website into a fully functional media brand its important I celebrate the small wins along the way.

Nordic Poetry


Nordic Poetry is the central hub for retro and vintage fashion for both men and women’s designer and sports pieces. The store … Read more



The Heartafact Archives will be a series of documented photos of myself and friends. Just an archive of memories. This is Heartafact Archives 001

The Best Nike Air Force One Outfit Gallery (Unisex)

The air force one might be the most visually appealing sneaker to look at and wear. It’s a classic sneaker that sells all year round and for good reason! It’s a top-selling shoe stocked in retail 247/365! And that’s a testament to how dope they are.  

Vital Life Lessons we can Learn From JME

JME is many things – Grime MC, Producer and the CO-founder of Boy better know. I’ve been following him since 2004 when … Read more

Brands you love because of Rappers

Brands you love because of Rappers

Let’s face it, Hip Hop is the most influential genre of music and everyone wants to dress like rappers whether you admit it or not. We have seen a countless number of brands start from humble beginnings only to skyrocket into stardom due to hip hop endorsement. There’s a reason why brands want artists to wear their fashion pieces, especially hip hop artists.

Universal Hip Hop Museum

Universal Hip Hop Museum is coming to the Bronx

The Universal Hip Hop museum will be the first of its kind coming to the Bronx, New York in 2023. Hip hop turns 50 in 2023 and has come so far from its initial beginnings in 1973. What initially started as black kids from the inner city setting up music systems with a DJ controlling the crowd by using breakbeats to extend the music has turned into a billion dollar industry.

Night Addict

Night Addict Interview

Streetwear culture has become the identity and uniform globally for young people and night addict is a brand that is encapsulating today’s youthful expression to a T! Night Addict clothing is growing through social media and using the platform to showcase their latest looks whether that be their Night addict hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories, this is a brand to pay attention to in 2019.

Uniqlo Case Study

Why Millennials love Uniqlo (A Uniqlo Case Study)

In 2019 Uniqlo has become one of the leading brands worldwide for casual wear and essentials. The English/Japanese writing, together with the red box logo is recognisable on any high-street in any major country/city. This Uniqlo case study will allow us to explore just why the brand understands today’s digital environment by hacking culture while providing quality clothing for millennials around there 2000+ stores worldwide.

My Hypend Guest Post

Recently I had the opportunity to write for hypend who are the leading streetwear and lifestyle media company in Finland.What makes this particular write up cool and special to me is that it’s my first guest post write up in my blogging journey.I pitched the idea for a story which is titled – Why Unusual Brand Collaborations Make Sense

Skepta Albums: The Journey to Ignorance Is Bliss

Skepta announced the release of his forthcoming album Ignorance Is Bliss on social media sharing snaps of promotional billboards throughout Nigeria, London and New York with the release date being the 31st May 2019. Looking towards the future is always the move to make, however, we can’t ignore the past accomplishments as it creates the context to really appreciate the growth and career Skepta has achieved. Skepta Albums have created timestamps in grime culture and it’s important to see what each represented at the time.

How Technology is Breaking Social Norms

There’s no question that technology has shifted how humans communicate with each other, share information and consume content. Technology will always keep advancing whether we like it or not and it’s our job to make sure we learn the new tech platforms and devices or be part of the Stone Age era and get left behind. How does this affect social norms on an everyday basis? Well technology is breaking social norms by dismissing popular beliefs by people or culture which was accepted up until the point technology decided to change it.

Hip hop and god

Hip Hop’s Relationship with God

I love rap music, I don’t know what else I’m more passionate about. It’s the most listened to genre of music today, has given birth to some of the biggest artists worldwide and without a doubt influences everything from sports, politics and everything in between. With that being said, as time goes on Hip Hop’s Relationship with God becomes more apparent.

Case Study on nike

A Case Study on Nike: Originality, Creativity & Morality

I got the Nike hypnosis, you probably got the Nike hypnosis & I’ll breakdown why in this case study on Nike. They have made us part of their tribe, were like their little mini soldiers when it comes to brand awareness and loyalty. We all wear their product, in fact, I’m in air max 1s as I type this out. And we love how it makes us feel. Athletic while feeling stylish!

drake is from london

Drake is officially a UK Citizen

Time after time after time drake continues to show that his love and support for UK music just keeps on compounding. The … Read more