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Streetwear culture has become the identity and uniform globally for young people and night addict is a brand that is encapsulating today’s youthful expression to a T!

Night Addict clothing is growing through social media and using the platform to showcase their latest looks whether that be their Night addict hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories, this is a brand to pay attention to in 2019.

I had the chance to interview the brand on the creative process that goes behind their clothes, it’s London/New York aesthetic and future plans to look out for.

Interview Below

1) How did the concept of Night Addict first come about?

Suffering insomnia as a boy, our founder grew up playing mind-numbing video games and Rubik’s Cube puzzles long into the night. He soon progressed to mixing music, and by the age of 16 was being snuck through the back doors of some of the biggest clubs in the UK.

Watching the crowds as he played his sets into the small hours, he realized that the night wasn’t simply a time or a place. It was a mindset: the instinctive need for people to constantly create and innovate their own individual scenes, styles, and cultures.

It was this idea that inspired Night Addict and this unique insight that forms the DNA of our brand.


2) What is Night Addict’s main priority when it comes to streetwear?

Born out of our unique vision, Night Addict is a lifestyle brand that captures cutting-edge street styles and cultures from all corners of the globe. Constantly influenced by everything we see, hear and taste, we share the restless curiosity and independent spirit of our audience: a new, global generation of modern world thinkers, doers and makers.


3) What does the creative process look like with designing new ideas for upcoming releases?

Whether we’re getting lost among the streets of Harajuku, cruising down Melrose Ave, or strolling through our local city, our products are designed to give like-minded individuals the confidence and comfort to explore and express themselves, wherever they want to be seen and heard


4) Most of the clothes from the brand are affordable, why was it important for the brand to ensure affordable streetwear?

Directional and accessible, Night Addict aims to consistently offer affordable street fashion that goes beyond the norms, inspiring fans and followers all over the world through our commitment to originality and authenticity.


Night Addict
Night Addict, Night Addict Hoodie, Night Addict Clothing


5) Do you envision the brand making exclusive limited-edition pieces in feature? 

This is something that we’re working on actually. We’d like to release a separate collection that is a slightly higher price point but with very limited edition pieces.


6) A few weeks ago, Night addict announced Ashley waters would be the face of the brand. How did this come about? (This is a big look for NA)

With the release of Top Boy 3, we thought it would be fitting to approach the lead of the show and combine the grittiness of summer house with our clothing. Our founder is also a big fan of Drake, so loved the idea of collaborating with someone close to his crew.


7) When I look at the brand’s pieces it has a London and New York Street style aesthetic feeling, was this a conscious decision while designing clothes? To embody London and New York culture, well especially London?

We’re really glad you’ve noticed this. Our founder used to live in New York and currently resides in London. The main idea was to create a link between the two cities and the rest of the world. We will continue to do this!

8) Lastly is there anything you could share regarding future plans Night Addict has, i.e. pop-ups? New summer pieces or if the brand envisions also doing things outside clothing. 

We’d actually love to do a pop up in London and sell exclusive Merch but we’re never sure how much attention we would get! We will be participating in Pause Magazine’s pop up in London during fashion week in June. Also, keep an eye out for ways we will be working with Ashley Walters!

Night Addict



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