Drake is officially a UK Citizen

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Time after time after time drake continues to show that his love and support for UK music just keeps on compounding.

The assassination vacation tour is just the cherry on top of Drakes consistent support for UK culture. There have been an ongoing series of events and moments leading up to why drake is now a UK Citizen and it’s not up for debate so save it!

Being the biggest rapper in the game he has made some pretty cool cultural moments, for example coming out as a surprise at the Section Boyz show back in 2016, making his debut on Link Up TV which is home to UK rap music and most recently coming out as a surprise at Fredo’s tour 3rd Avenue.

One thing we have learnt over the years is that Drake love’s underdogs and UK Street level music. We’re dealing with a transparent personality who will perform on stage with Rhianna then perform with upcoming UK rap artists on the same day, host an American award show then tweet about the lord of the mics DVD which helped cement grime music. To the average viewer this may come across as a nice gesture, however to clued-up music fans this is a massive nod and homage to UK culture whilst displaying massive knowledge of the ground works of what helped shape the UK music scene.

What YOU need to understand is that Drake has planted his flag in ground as being a lover of UK culture regardless of what people used to say, and we’ve heard it all. He’s a beg, he’s a culture vulture, it’s only for the money and so on. Coming from the UK myself I understood why people at first weren’t so fond of Americans taking a liking to British music (Yeah I know Drake is Canadian). For example we believed something more should have come from the Skepta and diddy collaboration back in 2010 but it felt like we were back to square one.

Since then it has become apparent the UK has found its own voice and created its own style of music which is championed by its own people and that authenticity has caught the eye of the biggest rapper in the game, Drizzy.

So here’s why Drake is good to get his indefinite leave to remain status as a UK Citizen

TOP BOY Resurgence

One thing Drake understands to a T is the element of surprise, and what better way to surprise an audience & create buzz around a much-loved show like top boy. As I mentioned before regarding Drakes knowledge of UK culture, he took the opportunity to release the trailer during the assassination vacation tour which is set to drop this fall. This speak volumes, why? He pays attention to OUR world! The biggest rapper knows what we love and gives it to us.

Since 2013 UK heads have cemented the show in their heads as a classic and proved its still worthy of having replay value which we continue to watch till this day. Since 2015 there were multiple rumours of Drake getting involved and wanting to see the project back in full swing. Fast forward 2019 and our wishes have been granted.

Welcomed home J Hus

J Hus is national treasure in Black British music, and we all love him! Drake knows this so what does he do?

Bring him out on stage!

Hus served a long 8-month sentence after being arrested and social media went into a frenzy.

Free J Hus tweets, Memes & needing to save the state of UK music were just some of the reoccurring themes that kept popping up on social media. You felt he was missed by the public.

Arguably one of the main acts spear heading the unique UK sound afro swing J Hus is one of the most important acts to come out of the UK.

What’s most interesting about this is J Hus wasn’t scheduled to be released until summertime, although a date was never released to the public. So, the fact that he appeared on stage with Drake in April lets us know he had something to do with pulling stings behind the scenes to help Hus!

Best thing about this story is I predicted this would happen to a friend, it’s a shame I didn’t put money on it lol

One Dance/Do you mind Sample

Did I mention he sampled Crazy Cousinz & Kyla’s track do you mind for his number one song One Dance?

Taking you back 11 years this UK funky house track from 2008 which everybody loved at the time was a moment! I’m feeling nostalgic already. 

Now what you need to understand is Drake being who he is and making that kind of move did great for Kyla. Drake’s influence after sampling the song saw Kyla being able to perform at summer festivals and feature on singles which would reintroduce her again to the public.

Link Up TV Freestyle

You know what makes this freestyle special? The UK drill cadence he rhythmed with throughout.

Over the years the UK has created its own voice and style. For example rappers like Giggs do not sound anything like the American rappers one bit and I believe Gigg’s success allowed artists to be themselves.

Since the debut of Giggs we have seen many young artists come and sound like themselves without trying to emulate Americans. This originality within the UK has seen the rise of Afro swing, UK drill and Grime music. Black music in the UK has found its voice.

Now back to UK drill!  Being a popular style of rap in the U.K, though its initial concept was inspired from Chicago drill the 2 sounds are completely different aside from the content. Drake paying attention to UK Street music decides to rap in a UK drill style which again is another salute to the UK as he is choosing to acknowledge us.

Constant Support for UK Talent

While I could make this particular section endless as he doesn’t seem to stop, I’ve decided to make a list of the times that stand out to me personally. These range from

  • Bringing out DigDat, Unknown T and Lethal B during the tour
  • Having DJ Tiffany Calver open sound sets during the tour
  • As Drake and Giggs form a relationship the two will go on to record track KMT
    Giggs verse will go down in History
  • Skepta brings Drake to Section Boyz show as he raps section boyz lyrics word for word
  • Rapping Loski lyrics word for word at his live show
    (Can you imagine what that does for a young rapper like loski?)
  • Gets BBK tattoo on his arm
  • Making bold statement by having Giggs, Skepta & Jorja Smith on his more life tape


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So to wrap up this article one thing I have to point out is no rapper outside of the UK such as Drake has really paid attention to who we are as a people. It’s the little things that set him apart like knowing our lingo and embedding that into songs such as Gyalchester & Blem, rapping our songs word for word, staying up to date with the things we love and constantly showing support for our most valuable music artists.

The internet made me realise just how similar Canada and the UK are from how we speak, dress and act. Only then did I start to realise how much Drake is more connected to us than any other country.

One thing is for sure, it doesn’t seem to matter how much of an international star he is. If he likes you musically and what you stand for there’s a high chance he will acknowledge you and express an interest, and that’s what makes him different.

Now that’s crazy because I can’t picture any other artist on his level being so accessible and giving during the height of their career. This is what makes Drake special, its as though he wants to share his star light with everyone he touches and cares for. The only thing left for him to do at this point is be appointed an MBE lol seriously! Drake gives a lot of young people hope and desire but also reminds you that being true to self is the most important quality to have. 

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