A Case Study on Nike: Originality, Creativity & Morality

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I got the Nike hypnosis, you probably got the Nike hypnosis & I’ll breakdown why in this case study on Nike.

They have made us part of their tribe, were like their little mini soldiers when it comes to brand awareness and loyalty. We all wear their product, in fact, I’m in air max 1s as I type this out. And we love how it makes us feel. Athletic while feeling stylish!

This is because Nike stands for something, they embody what it is to be a great company all the while ensuring their customers are happy.

When you think Nike, the thoughts associated with the brand is athletics, speed and great product, which they constantly showcase in their marketing and visual identity. 

How is it that whenever I walk into a sports retailer such as footlocker, JD sports or Footayslum I don’t even consider the other brands? I head straight over to Nike to see what’s popping. I’m pretty much skimming through the first 30% of the store checking out the latest Nike apparel and footwear then seeing what everybody else has to offer.

Or is that only me? Don’t lie, you do the same 😉



Do I love Adidas, Puma, and other sportswear brands, of course! It’s just that I find myself constantly caring about Nike more these days. How is it that they make products that I didn’t even know I needed? Because they know us! The brand speaks to creativity, innovation and when I think Nike I think about a brand that stands for something.

Morality is at their core.

They make bold moves like choosing to stand with Colin Kaepernick during the controversy that surrounded him or create adverts like Dream Crazier. Which clearly is more than an advert but more of a visual statement which was created to allow women to not let the world put them in a box but to create their own world. Check video below                                                                                                                                         

I’m sure Nike was well aware of the potential and expected backlash these choices would have, however standing firm and just with their decision speaks volumes and will be spoken about years down the line as these moments marked time.

All this speaks to our unconscious bias as to why when we think about cool brands we straight away think Nike. It’s not a coincidence, it’s intentional.



Now let’s talk creativity, something that Nike is all about. Though Nike as a company is filled with designers in-house there still hungry for outside creatives who have a different spin on what’s being designed and out in the market.

Which has seen the brand hold competitions giving creatives worldwide a chance to share their ideas on sneakers and apparel. The best example that comes to mind of recent times is the Sean Wotherspoon collaboration. Nike hosted a contest on their Air max day (every year on March 26) which Sean won and was given the opportunity to design a shoe which till this day is loved by many sneakerheads.

They also have ongoing programs such as cultivator which creators can submit sneaker designs and if picked are can curate and put forth in front of their audience to sell. (Only difference is the program is not associated with air max day) Check the program out – Here



Photo Credit ( Nike & Nike.com)



Lastly, we could even say the whole concept of air max day is original. How? Well, I for one haven’t seen a sports brand celebrate its legacy of a sneaker by creating a day which sees fans worldwide coming together, hosting events and engaging on social media. The idea and concept of the day is very simple yet original, all to pay homage to the air max 1 and other air max shoes which would later follow.

Though the initial idea to celebrate the day came from Nike, this without a doubt has been controlled by us to share stories on our interaction with the brand.

Remember at the start of the article where I mentioned they have made us part of their tribe! Yeah exactly. This is what I meant, our willingness to come together always for Nike culture and dialect.

nike air max


So to wrap up I thought it was critical to take lessons from Nike and apply it to our own personal lives and business. In anything you do make sure you do it for the right reason, always remember why you’re doing something and do it to the best of your ability. Decide what’s right and wrong then let that be at the center of your core values and remember a huge part of being creative is actually being original.

Nike is no longer just a logo, Nike is a way of life.


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