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The air force one might be the most visually appealing sneaker to look at and wear. It’s a classic sneaker that sells all year round and for good reason! It’s a top-selling shoe stocked in retail 247/365! And that’s a testament to how dope they are.  

The air force one has been designed in such a way that combines great looks with simplicity. Due to the surface area of the sneaker being wide many custom shoe designers naturally opted to make the air force one the default shoe to create custom designs on, Nelly made a song about the shoe which made them quickly culturally sought after and lastly a fresh white pair in the summertime is all you need for the best look on most summer outfits.

The air force one holds weight within the sneaker game and there’s ways to drop it, I personally don’t believe the sneaker is an everyday purpose shoe but more so for the occasion, anyway putting my opinion to the side, certain principles still hold true when rocking the Air force One. Let’s take a look at some of those below

Here are some ways to care and wear your Air Force 1’s

1. Use shoe protect (Shoe Tree)

You should probably already know by now that placing a shoe tree into sneakers and especially the air force one will help to hold the shape for much more longer and is known by many as a shoe care routine to be effective. They help hold moisture and hold form while you’re not wearing them for the best look.

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2. Make sure you clean them

In 2019 there’s no excuse to be rocking a dirty pair of sneakers as we have multiple sneaker cleaning brands that are household names such as Jason Markk, SneakersER, Crep Protect, Pink Miracle and Sneaker Lab (Plus Many More)

Invest in the best industry standard cleaning wipes on amazon. 

A clean pair of air force ones is a bold statement one makes which is fresh to death!

On a tight budget? No problem! Still no excuses

if the household names are a bit pricey and out of your range simply using wet wipes and giving sneakers a gentle scrub with soap foam should do the trick!

(Remember you can apply water repellent sprays to your sneaker for the first time before you wear them as it will help protect against moisture from the environment and rainy weather conditions.

3. Don’t run in them, EVER!

air force 1 crease

As much as the Air Force one is loved globally it has a reputation for being one of the easier shoes to crease quickly.

Until Nike develops a new technology into the classic air force one keep running or jogging to a minimum. Once the crease hits the front of the shoe its heart-breaking. It’s the beginning of the end!

As I mentioned before in the article the air force one should be treated as an occasion shoe and should be best worn to places you know will involve little to absolutely no running.

The chances of creasing air forces while meeting friends to check out the latest movie are slim! Treat the shoe with as much care as possible, and by care, I mean no running!

To avoid creases invest in a shoe tree to hold the shape for longer!

4. Don’t rock Dirty Air forces

dirty air force ones

We see dirty vans and dirty converses all throughout culture. Some people have even stated dirty vans are a style. To further emphasize this we have seen large fashion label houses such as Gucci create dirty sneakers as a direct result of following the trend.

So yeah, dirty sneakers are a “thing “
As far as dirty Air Forces One’s go? No No No!
Not allowed

There not a trend when it comes to the air force one and I hope they never do become.

Premium shoe cleaning kits are not only great for dirty sneakers but are great for travelling with.

Our favourite industry standard kit by Jason Markk will do the job.

5. Don’t tie them to Tight

air force one

Most sneakers, especially the air force one look terrible tied down tight.
And why do most people tie them tight?

Many reasons, however, 2 come to mind – Just habit or to ensure the ability to move quickly as possible when need be.
Tightly tied air forces loses its initial cool look. The design of the sneaker is already a beautiful item, don’t mess them up by strangling the shoe.

For the best-looking air force, tie them with just enough tightness (normal) or create the slip-on effect which will have the air force laces hanging out without touching the ground while ensuring enough tightness. To achieve this look, lace all the way to the top, re-enter the lace in the loop at the top and then creating a knot and one last loop.

Rocking a fresh pair of air forces is enough to match most outfits, just make sure you’re rocking them the right way. We all can’t be like Dr. Dre and treat them like a pair of socks in which he only wears them once and that’s it, we have to go about rocking them the right way. With the right care and outfit, you’re bound to get a few months’ worth of the sneaker and if you’re anything like me it could last years as I treat the shoe as a summer-only shoe.

Use the points above to make sure you’re rocking them accordingly.

More about the Air Force One

The air force one force still holds its spot in the legendary status amongst kicks. Its simplistic yet unique look is one we have grown to love to the point of being able to identify an air force one’s footprint in snow or sand. This sneaker is at the centre of pop culture and is a true fashion statement.

Multiple collaboration with artists and entertainers continue to bring life into the shoe which was originally released back in 1982 and we have Nike’s director of research Bruce Kilgore to thank for that. It has also gone on to be released in thousands of colours (to many to count) however some notable ones are OFF White collaboration and a cold wall.

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