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male selfie

Male Selfie Tips!

Some guys seem to be pros at taking selfies. If you check the comments section, you’ll see the ladies leaving flirtatious messages & emojis that aren’t under your photos. It’s not like you’re a hideous beast, so why don’t your selfies get those same number of likes or types of comments?

vintage shops london

The Best Vintage Shops London has to Offer

Over the years Vintage Shopping has not only become a hobby but a great way to diversify your wardrobe with unique pieces. The demand for vintage clothes is evident by the amount of retailers now selling hard to source garments. Whether you’re on a hunt for 70s Flares, 80s Sportswear or 90s T-Shirts we have compiled a list of the best Vintage Shops London has to offer selling these unique pieces and more.

How to ask for Nudes

How to ask for Nudes

Nudes add the right amount of spice to the conversation and can help to keep things interesting. So, how come asking for them can become awkward or ruin things altogether?

barroccu & co

Barroccu & Co | Artistic Microfibre Cloths

While in the past cloths have only been viewed as a plain utility accessory Barroccu & Co offer a unique artistic edge that style conscious men & women will appreciate. The same reason that most people today are choosing to protect their smart phones with artistic cases is the same thinking that applies to your cloths. The expression of personality through art and design which is why we have chosen to partner with Barroccu & Co.

How Many Dates Before Sex_

How Many Dates Before Sex?

Now here you are faced with the age-old question: How many dates before sex? 

For some people, it has to be at least three dates, hence the phrase “the three-date rule”. For others, it’s the 90-day rule that Steve Harvey introduced in his book “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”.

Going out Alone

Mastery of going out alone

For most people, the idea of going out alone can be quite intimidating, awkward & daunting, however with the right perspective and preparation this pursuit can be very liberating and fulfilling which ultimately will improve your social skills & state of independence.

How to be more Dominant in Bed

How to be more Dominant in Bed

If you remember, back in 2015, the ladies were going crazy about a movie called 50 Shades of Grey. Ever wondered why?

Besides the dashingly handsome billionaire star and his boyish charm, the only thing the movie offered was a fast-paced love story and sex. Lot’s of it.

How to get out of the friend zone

How to get out of the friend zone

Ahh the friendzone! A dreadful reality amongst many men who have been placed in this category for a multitude of reasons which we are going to investigate. The decision to place you in the friendzone is usually made by the female which immediately stops all hopes of romance, intimacy, and sex! Which has men constantly searching for the solution on how to get out of the friend zone!

It’s a hard pill to swallow but essentially once placed in the friendzone the female counterpart is communicating her disinterest towards you romantically and subconsciously believes your not in her league.

How to Shoot your Shot

How to Shoot your Shot

Do you plan to sit around forever fawning over your crush? How well is that working out for you? The longer you wait is the closer your window of opportunity gets to closing completely. You need to shoot your shot, so lets show you how to shoot your shot!

Okay, admittedly, this is a lot easier said than done. It’s one of those things where you just have to rip the band aid off and get it over with. Let’s not get this twisted though. Knowing how to shoot your shot is an art and making the wrong step may ruin your chances forever (no pressure).

Gifts for Brother in Law

The Best Gifts for Brother in Law

The best gifts are those that are thoughtful, serve a purpose, solve a problem, creative or have personal sentimental value attached to the item which is why we have taken the time to round up the best gifts for your brother in law regardless of the occasion or season. Gifts for brother in law & men in general have usually been socks or ties and while even the smallest of gifts are vastly appreciated they end up collecting dust as he owns hundreds of accessories given to him as gifts which he never gets around too. Were going to change that!


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