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Nudes add the right amount of spice to the conversation and can help to keep things interesting. So, how come asking for them can become awkward or ruin things altogether?

Easy. You’re asking for them wrong, or she just isn’t into sending nudes. 

Knowing how to ask for nudes can save you from looking like a total creep, or making it seem like you’re only trying to get into her pants. 


How to ask for nudes and actually get them

Even if you have no problem snapping a pic of your junk in the morning, just know that it isn’t the same for everyone. With all the leaked nudes scandals that seem to pop up every day, it shouldn’t surprise you that it takes some level of trust for her to even take the picture and send it to you.

Speaking of trust, that brings us to our first point on how to ask for nudes, building your rapport. 


Build A Level of Rapport First

Building a level of rapport is all about getting her to feel comfortable with you. One of the biggest mistakes guys make is rushing into it. Sure, you think she’s hot, but texting “send nudes” after only talking for a day is a big no-no.

Let her see what type of guy you are first, and more importantly, listen to her. Ask her about the things she finds interesting, and share pieces of yourself that you feel she might be into. Once she gets a sense of who you are, she will start to loosen up and after that, you may consider asking for nudes.

When you build a level of rapport, she will feel confident that her nudes will be in the hands of someone she knows and can trust. Most women aren’t going to send nudes to a random person.


Initiate Sexting and Take The Lead

Once you build your level of rapport, your line of questioning and conversations can deepen and become more intimate. This step in how to ask for nudes is all about testing the waters and seeing how far she’s willing to go.

Slowly ease into sexting, taking the lead while checking to make sure she’s comfortable. At this point, you want to be subtle, and say things like how sexy she is, or how you wish she were beside you.

If you realize she’s into it, you can try your luck even more, and progress into talking about your current mood, and what you’d like to do. If she makes it clear she’s turned on, ask her to show you how wet she is, or say you’d like to see what she has underneath what she’s wearing. Your tone and language should mirror hers because being too aggressive or vulgar can turn her off.

If it’s clear that she’s not into it yet or is a little shy in her responses, pump your breaks and redirect the conversation to the point of last comfort. In other words, if you said you wish she were beside you on a rainy day, you could say you’re about to make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, or you’re about to put on your favorite show.

Don’t make it awkward after you reel yourself in, simply wait for another moment to initiate sexting. You can start by giving her tons of compliments, and making her feel confident and sexy. Once she feels great, you’ll feel great (This is a life lesson you should hang on to).


Use emojis to your advantage 

Emojis can be a great tool in your quest for nudes. Add a couple of these bad boys in your messages to make it clear that you’re flirting with her: 😉😍😋😏😛🥵🤤😈

Try to avoid sending 🍆 and 🍑 too early, because we all know that those emojis are rarely used to represent an eggplant or peach. This keeps things interesting and can encourage her to use them as well to express the things she’s probably too shy to say. Once you get back one of those emojis, you’re in!


Get her engaged 

She needs to be into it too, or else asking for a nude will seem like it’s coming out of the blue. You can’t force interest, but her engagement is a sign that she’s into you, and increases the likelihood of her sending you nudes.

Allow her to take charge of the direction of the conversation sometimes since some women like to feel in charge. If she takes the driver’s seat, you’ll know for sure she likes you enough to send you nudes at some point.

If she’s giving you one-word responses like “lol”, “ok” or “yeah”, then maybe she’s bored, so try to switch the topic to find something she’s interested in. If she doesn’t budge or takes any of the openings you leave, then maybe you should give up on this one because these are signs that she doesn’t like you back.


Send one, you might get one back 

When sending nudes to a woman, you have to be certain that she’s into you. This is a high-risk move with a high reward or huge loss.

If you’ve sexted before, or if she’s expressed interest in you, and it has been escalating to that point for a while, then and only then should you send her unsolicited nudes.

Sending them to a girl that doesn’t think of you in that way, or is unsure of her feelings could make things pretty awkward and blow your shot of ever seeing her naked. Even worse, she could block you and all your hard work would’ve been a complete waste.


Exchange regular pictures

Women hate to feel like the only thing a man wants from her is sex, so you shouldn’t ask for nude pictures all the time. Ask her for regular pictures too, like of the outfit she plans to wear to a night out with her friends, or of her pet. You should send her regular pictures too, like a picture of you at the gym, or of your dinner plate.

When you do this, she will get more comfortable with sending pictures in general and may start to become more creative and suggestive over time. You may notice a little side boob action sometimes, or a clear view of her butt. Once these things start to happen, you’ll know for sure that she wouldn’t mind sending you some nudes. Heck, she might surprise you and send nudes without you having to ask.


When is a good time to ask for nudes?

If you want a precise time, like two weeks after meeting at approximately 1:34 am on a Friday, then you’ll be disappointed to find out that there’s no set time. There are however wrong times to ask, like when she’s busy at work or school, when she’s on her period, or when she doesn’t seem to be in a good mood and has a lot on her mind. You would be the luckiest guy alive if she’s willing to send you nudes when she doesn’t feel great.

The best time to ask for nudes is when you’re already sexting, and she’s feeling all sexy and aroused. Asking her in the middle of a random conversation simply doesn’t make sense and can make it seem like you were only after one thing.


If she says no…

No matter how badly you want to lay your eyes upon her bare skin, remember that she doesn’t owe you a thing! No means no, so don’t try to convince her to send you because she’s clearly not comfortable with it.

If she explicitly says she doesn’t send nudes, don’t pester her in hopes that she will change her mind. There are tons of free nudes on the internet, surely you can find one you like.


Final Words

Now that you know how to ask for nudes, don’t abuse this power. If she decides to send you nudes, remember that they are for your eyes only. No matter how amazing they are, and how much getting it inflates your ego, don’t go bragging to your boys and showing it off. That’s childish and if she finds out, you’ll never get to see her body again.

Instead, show appreciation and make her feel sexy and confident. This will make her likely to send you more, perhaps without you even asking!


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