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Some guys seem to be pros at taking selfies. If you check the comments section, you’ll see the ladies leaving flirtatious messages & emojis that aren’t under your photos. It’s not like you’re a hideous beast, so why don’t your selfies get those same number of likes or types of comments?

It’s simple: Your selfies probably suck. It’s really a guy thing, and unless we put effort into selfies, they can end up looking sort of blah. Since you clicked on this article, it means that it’s crossed your mind and you’re looking for some male selfie tips. 

“We only have one chance of the first impression, a few seconds to capture attention on dating apps and communicate who we are. The importance of creating the epic selfie seems much more important once you understand and contextualize this. Your selfie is your digital footprint! So, sell yourself!”


5 Male Selfie Tips That Will Take You From No to Pro

In the age of social media, good selfies are everything, especially when you’re single! A bad selfie can have you looking like a big fat NO to the ladies, and will ruin any chance you have of landing a date.

Here are 5 male selfie tips that will take you from a no to a pro!


Smile/Find the Right Angle

Selfies for Men

Have you ever heard of the saying “smiling makes you more attractive”? Well, it’s true. Multiple studies have proven that it makes you more approachable as well, and can matter more than the clothes you have on and even your weight. 

The way you smile matters as well. If you have a creepy smile, you might end up scaring the ladies on Bumble or Tinder off because you look like a psycho killer. Sometimes, a slight smile or even no smile will work better because it can make you look more manly and mysterious. 

Another thing you have to get right is your angles. Taking your selfie with your camera straight might not be the best bet, because although beauty is considered a social construct, humans are seemingly hardwired to find symmetrical faces more attractive. Most people don’t have perfect symmetry, but you can create the illusion of symmetry using angles.

Try tilting your phone upwards, downwards, or to the side to find which phone angle makes you look more attractive. You should also try tilting your face until you find the right combo.   


Find Your lighting!

Lighting has always been one of the most important aspects of photography, regardless of pose, appearance, or background. The wrong lighting can make what you see and what others receive seem like completely different things. After your 50th snapshot in your dark bedroom, it’s time to try some natural indirect lighting, or bright white lights to see the difference for yourself.

Try taking your selfies during the golden hours right before sunrise or a little after sunset when the sun is lower in the sky. Too much sunlight will make you look shiny, and you may appear uncomfortable. Avoid turning your back to the light source because it can make your photo darker and can hide handsome facial features. 

Under no circumstance should you use your camera flash to take a selfie! It will ruin your shot and means the lighting in the area is not good enough.


Show off your Body

take better selfies now

Selfies don’t have to show just your face. They aren’t mug shots either, so loosen up and stop looking so stiff!

You can use your selfie as a chance to show off your body, especially if you aren’t a top scorer in the face department. This will show you off even more to your lady followers. 

Snap a shirtless selfie with your camera tilted to show off your abs, or show off your dope fit in a mirror selfie or doing an activity. Just don’t do it at an awkward angle that will make you look constipated!


Show your Lifestyle/Hobbies

Male Selfie Tips to use

You can learn a lot about a person based on the photos on their Instagram or Facebook profile. For example, you can tell that a person likes cats because their latest selfie was photobombed by their kitty, or that someone likes the outdoors because they have tons of photos at the park or beach.

Skip your boring bedroom wall background, and show off your lifestyle/hobbies in your selfies. An office selfie shows that you’re employed, and a photo with a basketball hoop in the background shows that you are tall or athletic. Women pay close attention to these types of things, especially when you slide into their DMS. If all your photos selfies are bad, chances are you won’t even get a pity reply. 


Ask your female friends for approval

Your selfie is to attract women, right? So, what better way to get feedback than to ask your female to A/B test your photos? 

Women are basically Yoda when it comes to male selfie tips. They know exactly what women will find attractive and their thumbs up can mean the difference between turning a woman on or way off. They can even help you find the right filter and make edits to your selfie to make them look even better! 

Invite some of your female friends over if you’re trying to land a right swipe to help you pick out the right outfit and choose the best poses. A little perspective and female touch should do the trick. 


Anything else?

These male selfie tips won’t work if you aren’t confident in yourself. If you feel good, you have a better chance of looking good. Don’t try to force it and end up frustrated with 27 bad selfies. Just go with the flow, you got this. 


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