The Best Conor McGregor Beard Moments

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Since his 2007 MMA debut we have seen various Conor McGregor beard styles which have ranged from his

  • Clean Shaven
  • Horseshoe Beard
  • Curled Mustache
  • Stubble
  • Full Beard
  • Bushy
  • Bushy Ginger Beard

Our editorial provides a visual gallery of all his previous alternating bearded styles as well as his trademark look

The Best Conor McGregor Beard Moments

Clean Shaven

Back in 2022 McGregor would debut his new clean shaven look for Halloween as he dressed as a pilot, and the traditional big beard was gone.

Clean Shaven

The aviation industry places a strong emphasis on a clean-shaven appearance is often considered part of the professional image, McGregor had us fooled on that.

This is another reason we see various industries with strict grooming conventions ruling out men with longer hair, it tends to be the buzz cuts only or short quiffs.  

We were under the impression his beard was gone forever but it was only in fun of the Halloween festive season, phew! 😌

Horseshoe Beard

In sports only one man can take all the credit for the horseshoe beard and that’s Hogan.

Conor McGregor Horseshoe Beard

McGregor clearly influenced by the wrestling legend.

As well as his antics, persona and fashion Hulk Hogan Hair and beard played a big part in his brand and this was a homage to a wrestling legend who had made an impact on McGregor’s life.

After a brief exchange on social media where Hulk commented on his Instagram we quickly saw the look appear, coincidence? I think not!

Curled Mustache

Say what you want about McGregor but he’s flamboyant and doesn’t care what people think, the curly Mustache is just one example of this.

Conor McGregor beard in mustache

The curled Mustache has historical roots that date back centuries.

It gained popularity during the Victorian and Edwardian eras when well-groomed facial hair was considered a mark of refinement and social standing.

This particular Conor McGregor Beard might be the most interesting one since its rare, has history and makes a statement.


One of the main attractions of stubble is its relatively low maintenance which is perfect for an athlete constantly on the road.


While McGregor’s full beard requires regular trimming, shaping, and grooming, maintaining stubble often involves simpler routines.

Here’s how to get stubble and how to maintain it.

It’s an ideal choice for those who want a bit of facial hair without committing to the more time-consuming upkeep of a full beard.

Full Beard

In real time we have witnessed the evolution of all bearded styles by McGregor, this one takes the lead as his trademark look.

Full Beard

His full beard is the most reoccurring, worn mostly throughout his career, any likeness of his in video graphics of cartoon always highlights the big full beard.

The full beard symbolized his journey from an up-and-coming fighter to a global superstar, serving as a visual reminder of his resilience and determination.

Bushy Beard

The transition between full beard and bushy beard is seamless and he’s been known to do especially during training camp time.

Conor McGregor Beard Bushy and Big

Outside the world of MMA we see athletes in the basketball arena taking a likeness towards the bushy beard, such as LeBron James, James Harden & Anthony Davis.

Why the sudden swift towards The bushy beard by athletes across the world? Nothing signals out strength, masculinity and boldness better than the bush!

Bushy Ginger Beard

As the bushy beard grew, so did its distinctiveness. McGregor’s ginger beard became more apparent, adding a splash of colour to his already striking appearance.

Ginger Bushy Beard

The occurrence of red or ginger beards is primarily attributed to genetic factors. This unique colour variation in facial hair is a result of the interplay of different genes that we see on him.

Though we love this beard, and trust me we do, the only negative is that this length covers up his jawline.

The jawline is an important facial feature that contributes to the overall balance and symmetry of your face.

A bushy beard that covers the jawline might lead to a lack of definition and contour in that area, potentially affecting your overall facial aesthetics.

Here’s How to Maintain a Beard

As made evident by our Conor McGregor Beard editorial all beards are different, BUT, they will all follow the same principle to ensure they are well cared for.

Regular Grooming

Setting a routine is important as this is what will keep your grooming habits a part of your lifestyle.

Use a good quality beard trimmer to maintain an even length and shape.

Nourish and Hydrate

It’s very easy to forget the skin under your facial hair as its not exposed as it used to be. Ensure your hydrating this area.

This not only prevents itchiness but also tames any unruly strands.

Massage beard oil into your beard and skin for that extra dose of care oh and ensure the beard oil doesn’t irritate you. I found out the hard way when I used castor oil.

Comb and Brush

Regularly comb or brush your beard to distribute natural oils, prevent tangles, and give it a neat appearance.

When you’re aiming for a big, full beard, these tools are your best friends. Just remember, gentle strokes are the way to go – treat your beard like the treasure it is!

Final Words

The best thing about covering various different athletes is that were able to see their beards change in real time.

Though his trademark look will alternate between the full beard and bushy look we always see him experimenting.

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