Floyd Mayweather Beard Gallery (Detailed Look)

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Each era in the athlete’s career features a different look as he rose through the boxing ranks, pretty boy Floyd is clean shaven, Money May features him in his signature goatee and today it’s a full-on Floyd Mayweather grizzly Beard in retirement.

Back in 2020 during a trip to Turkey Floyd went through a rigorous beard transplant as well as having his receding hairline restored.

Our editorial will feature the athletes look before and after the procedure whilst detailing the procedure itself.

Did Mayweather Transplant Beard?

As a result of not being able to grow a full-on beard naturally Floyd Mayweather had a beard transplant done as you can see clearly tiny hairs sprouting from these grafts

Mayweather beard transplant (before and after)

The after image was taken immediately after the procedure took place which took him several months to heal and grow into a mature full beard as we see him today.

The most common reason some men aren’t able to grow beards is due to their genetic lineage and if we look at Floyd Mayweather Senior his father, we can see he also doesn’t have much facial hair too.

Whether it be the 90s or 2000s Floyd’s father has always had a thin moustache without much hair on the chin or sides which would explain his sons look! (This is why some men cant grow a beard)

Beard implants are now the surgical solution for men experiencing this issue.

Hair loss forums, reddit subpages and social media instantly responded to his new facial hair with scepticism after the look.

Current Beard Look Today

Today we see Mayweather rocking a bushier bearded look which comes months after the procedure with regular check ups from his transplant doctor.

Floyd Mayweather beard today

Today he alternates between the heavy stubble look and a full-grown beard. His maintenance is simple, beard oils to ensure its moisturized and vitamins to further support its growth.

Beard Transplant Hair Process (Embed Vid)

Dr. Linkov, who is a plastic surgeon, shared his expertise on the procedure in which you can watch below.

“This much hair for the beard could easily take up like 1400, probably closer to 1800 grafts. And then, depending, I can’t see the full head, depending how much hair he [Floyd Mayweather] needed here, you’re looking at probably at least another thousand if you just did into the frontal area.”

Before the beard Transplant (Goatee)

The goatee naturally became Mayweather’s signature look as it’s the only facial hair he could grow prior to the procedure as well as being the look worn in his prime.


Facial hair on the sides are shaven off to create a focus around the mouth area only, and in his case his goatee was thin to medium in density.

We saw the athlete having his head always shaved off going for the bald look whilst maintaining is shaped up goatee to compliment the look.

Clean Shaven

Nothing screams rookie Mayweather better than his clean-shaven days. His early days boxing in the Olympics and career featured the athlete in no facial hair.

clean shaven athletes

No beard, no stubble, no moustache, no chin hair – Nothing!

Its only towards his mid-20s that we began to see Floyd gaining a goatee but at a very slow rate!

Has he made his Transplant Surgery Public?

Mayweather has not made any official public statement regarding his beard transplant. The response around his beard comes from the drastic change in appearance.

Floyd Mayweather facial hair

What we do know is a Turkish hair transplant clinic also followed Mayweather on social shortly after the procedure whilst he was tagged in photos with the doctors.

All the above information is enough for us to know a procedure took place, whether he himself makes it public or not.

How Much does a Beard Transplant Cost?

Beard transplant are quite a costly investment and can range anywhere between $10,000 – $15,000 which is why most people opt to get it done in Turkey with more affordable options.

Before the procedure your assigned doctor will examine your scalp and face to determine the next steps. That consultation visit may also come with a cost and then a final cost will be finalised with the results from the consultation.

Costs are normally calculated depending on the number of grafts implanted. You’ll want to discuss this cost with your doctor and see if there any payment plans.

Extended Gallery


The reality of the situation is that most people were uncertain in determining whether Floyd Mayweather Beard was subject to a transplant if it wasn’t for the pictures he released soon after in which we clearly see visible transplant scabs.

As months after the procedure, his beard began to grow out, patchy, but nevertheless it filled out!

The giveaway was his new hairline and scab facial area!

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