The Best Keanu Reeves Beard Moments

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Each critically acclaimed movie features a unique Keanu Reeves Beard to fit the nature of the character he portrays, for example his appearance in the Matrix differs from his appearance in John Wick.

The most reoccurring beards from the actor include,

  • Clean Shaven
  • Stubble Beard
  • Moustache Beard
  • Patchy Beard
  • Full Grown Beard

An actors job description may often time include a change in physical appearance which includes their hair, beard and body weight.

Keanu has consistently adjusted to all his roles on screen which has meant having a beard which is congruent to the role.

Here are the Best Keanu Reeves Beard Moments

Clean Shaven

With the Matrix being one of the biggest Hollywood releases ever Keanu appeared clean shaven throughout the movie.

clean shaven

The purpose of this was to subtly communicate a youthful nature. Remember in the movie he is faced with a decision to make, blue pill or red pill.

He’s unknowing and unwise prior to the choice and this is what the clean shaven beard represents.

If he had a full beard it may have communicated something completely different such as age and wisdom which wouldn’t work with his character.

In addition to this we saw him making appearances in other movies such as Speed with the clean-shaven look.

No beard, and no stubble creating a smooth face to accentuate his jawline! That’s a classic Keanu reeves beard moment!

Stubble Beard

The perfect in-between for men not wanting to go for the full-on beard whilst simultaneously not wanting to be clean shaven, enter Stubble.

Keanu Reeves Beard in stubble

We have seen Keanu alternate between close to skin stubble and heavy stubble and the difference is in how close hair is shaven to skin.

Outside of being shaved in support of movie roles we also have research data which suggests women’s preference is stubble in comparison to other beard styles.

According to research women rated stubble as the most desired facial hair look on a man as it indicates maturity, masculinity, and strength.

So, when you factor that in as well as his fame and notoriety, he’s onto a winning formula, think that means we got to test out the stubble boys!

Moustache Beard

Since hair around the chin and sides shaved off the unique look makes the moustache one of the most distinctive beards today.


The simple bearded line on top of the upper lip comes in a wide range of variations and has a long history amongst men in the 60s and 70s.

Without question this is Keanu’s attempt of making a statement as the nature of the look captures attention in seconds.

This classic original moustache is iconic. It’s simple, clean, and easy on the eye and whilst we may not see him in the look it certainly marks time.

Patchy Beard

The uneven nature of his full beard is what makes this his signature look. His synonymous with the style and recognised globally for it.

Keanu Reeves patchy beard

Google patchy beard and various Keanu images appear. His patchy beard is a result of genes and not perfectly caved skills from his barber.

Were willing to bet that most men with this look have googled “How to fix a patchy beardat one point in their lives!

Sure we understand why, however he is proof that if its kept well the style can work in your favour and it certainly has both off screen and on.

His complimentary patchy beard fits the Keanu Reeves Hair style, a look which today is the signature John Wicks look.

Full Grown Beard

In an attempt to cover up the patches we see Keanu grow out his beard and traces of grey hair in his beard.

full grown beard

Even with this attempt were still able to see some patches with the most distinctive being the exposed skin besides his moustache.

Now whilst his patchy beard may still be apparent when grown out its in uniform which makes it not even as unkempt as someone with patches everywhere.

In addition to his genetics being the reason for his full patchy beard it also comes with traces of grey due to ageing.

Genetics determine hair type as well as when beards begin to get grey!


How to make Keanu Reeves beard?

His patches are genetic so you will either have those or not, however you will be able to achieve his stubble by setting the trimmer to 1 – 3cm and trimming the area evenly.

Did Keanu Reeves shave his beard?

Keanu will consistently shave off his beard depending on the movie role. For example, in John Wicks his character has heavy stubble.

How to grow a Full Beard

Full beards regardless of the style you desire whether that be Keanu Reeves patches or full beard comes down to the same principles, patience, and good nutrition.

  • Take Supplements
    Beard hairs benefit from vitamins and nutrients so ensure your taking the right amount. Multivitamin should be all you need.

  • Eat the Right Foods
    Your hair is made of proteins, so you should in turn ingest plenty of protein through your chicken, eggs, and steak! Don’t forget your veggies too!
  • Be Patient
    With all the right foundations in place such as your vitamins and nutrition then beard growth simply becomes a game of patience.

  • Apply Beard Oils
    Don’t forget there’s skin under there! Yes, under your beard, it may sound silly but when you think of it that way you remembered it needs to be moisturized too. Oil is the answer

  • Visit Barber for Trims
    During your journey you’re going to need to ensure your ends are trimmed to removed splits.

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