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Outside of his impressive NBA career stats a lot of interest has been placed on James Harden’s beard and hair and while we have already covered his beard it’s time we take a detailed look at the different hairstyles he’s worn on and off the court. The James Harden Hair gallery includes a variety of styles such as the Buzz Cut, Afro, Mohawk, Braids and Cornrows.

Today his signature hairstyle are braids which he styles in multiple ways. Braids in the NBA dates back to the 2001 All-Star game in which we saw Allen Iverson be the first player to rock the style and start a trend. His influence presents itself today with James Harden Hair being a testament to that.



James Harden Hairstyle throughout the Years


Buzz Cut

James Harden no beard

The year is 2009 & its NBA Draft pick time where the world is introduced to the newest rookies joining the NBA.

Baby faced rookie James Harden has relatively less facial hair and a super low buzz cut, a completely different look than what were used too today.

While James Harden has become much more experimental with his hairstyle it all started with the buzz cut. Not long after James would begin to grow out an afro.



James Harden hair in afro

Afro hair has been a go to look for multiple celebrities and athletes throughout American history and has been used to make a statement on and off court.

In James Harden’s case we have seen him sport a medium size afro. His kinky hair type falls under the 4A pattern which naturally allows him to transition into different hairstyles with enough growth.  



While James can be seen in braids today we would argue that his Original trademark look was his Mohawk hairstyle, burst fade and beard which influenced fans across the globe to replicate.

This time period was the starting point in which James began to grow into his own and create a personal style. Evidence of his influence can also be seen in the GQ video series -Make Me Look Like, in which the Master Barbers aims to recreate the look for his client.

Mohawk Style

While the Mohawk has its roots cemented in Punk culture it has transcended into different sub cultures and has been styled in many variations, gel, colour, afro, locs, braids, slick back etc.

Take inspiration from this and create your own.




James Harden braids

Braids in the NBA dates back to the 2001 All-Star game in which we saw Allen Iverson sport the look. Today players such as Harden who have gone on the record to show their admiration and appreciation for Iverson can be seen rocking braids today.

The influence of this style represents itself on multiple players, in particular Carmelo Anthony (who has cut them now) and James Harden.

Outside of being a great protective hairstyle and easy to manage on the court they create a different look for the athlete. He alternates his braided hairstyle with twists & off scalp braids.


James Harden Hair in Cornrow

Cornrow being a type of braided hair can be seen worn by James, sometimes coupled with an NBA headband.

As athletes continue to pace up and down the court the preference would be to have no interference of hair in the way of their face which of scalp braids could do, cornrows on the other hand lay flat on the scalp.

James Harden cornrows

What would have be deemed controversial, unprofessional and inappropriate decades ago today is a standard look for the player.

Therefore when players such as James choose to style their hair in this manner it represents bravery, a modern day in sports and appreciation of black culture, outside of just being practical for game day.



More James Harden Hair Gallery Images 

hair in cornrows


hair in cornrows


hair in braids


james harden hair in twists



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