Nipsey Hussle Beard (Detailed Look)

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The Nipsey Hussle Beard conversation is significant as each style represents a different stage of his career. Though he will always be remembered for his signature full beard look we’ll look at some of his former beard styles too.

Whilst Nipsey Hussle Braids a huge part of his personal brand and image his beard served the same purpose.


Nipsey Hussle Beard Gallery


Full Beard

Prior to his death Nipsey Hussle was well known for his full blown beard which came off his face. The style immediately became a huge part of his personal style and one he wore in his latter videos, interviews, and all public appearances.

nipsey hussle beard

From our archives we begin to see Nipsey growing his full blown beard at the start of 2017 which turned into what we see above. Whilst most of his career he alternated between clean shaven and stubble his full beard was iconic and a look he’ll always be remembered for.

nipsey hussle beard in 2019

Whilst we assume most men understand growing a Nipsey Hussle beard will require patience and good nutrition much won’t know how to care for it, therefor we advise you look at the bearded man’s guide to beard care.



Prior to the full grown beard, we saw Nipsey in stubble having been clean shaven for most of his career up until that point.

Nipsey Hussle Beard in stubble

close up stubble

Women have constantly reported stubble being one of the most attractive beards men can have which is why we see men pivot to this style often.

It’s the perfect balance between not wanting a full blown beard whilst not wanting to have a baby clean shaven face. Once you have some hair on your face all you’ll need to do is shave it down yourself or get your barber to do so.

Another great thing about stubble is the choice to line it up or leave it, both look great.



Clean Shaven

If images mark time, then nothing screams 2009 rookie Nipsey then his clean shaven look.

clean shaven

At the earlier phases of his career, we were mostly accustomed to Nipsey in a small mustache with little to no facial hair.

Most images from 2007 – 2010 feature Nipsey rocking only big braids on each side with the clean shaven look, a completely different look to what we saw him do towards the end of his life.



Final Words

You see the difference between a healthy beard and an unhealthy one all the time and Nipsey’s was well taken care off.

We imagine he practiced a self-care routine for his beard which involved hydrating, trimming, oiling and washing.

Things like beard itchiness, messy scruff, and split ends are indicators you need to apply a beard routine for healthy facial hair.



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