Hulk Hogan Hair & Mustache (Detailed Look)

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A large part of the wrestling business is just how much each individual athlete is marketable to fans and when it comes to Hulk Hogan Hair this is a huge part of his brand identity and marketability!

Though he started balding during the early phases of his career we saw Hogan sporting his signature bandana to cover the spot and diehard fans mimicked his style, just google Hulk Hogan Halloween, you’ll see! That’s branding!


Our editorial will look at Hogans hair prior to his wrestling career, his hair in the ring and his current hairstyle today!



Hulk Hogan Hair Before & After

hulk hogan hair throughout the years

From our images above we can see Hogan had a full set of hair in the early 70s which would begin to thin out towards the end of the decade.

By the time the 80s had come around his crown bald spot was apparent which serves as the main reason why he wore the bandana during the other parts of his career.

Whilst he still had hair on the sides and back of the head, the crown and front of the head were thinning quickly.

This is common for most men once they reach a certain age.

Shawn Michaels hair is a perfect example of a wrestler who went through a similar male baldness pattern at the later stages of his career.



Hulk Hogan Mustache

The Hulk Hogan mustache which is the Horseshoe mustache has been his trademark look throughout his career.

Hulk Hogan Moustache

Regular trimming was key for Hogans statement look! This involved shaping the beard on the top lip, both sides whilst leaving no hair on the chin or neck.

Blonde, thick and big, its impossible to not notice from the distance.



In Pop Culture (Action Figures)

Most of the WWE merchandise sold involving Hogan will feature his signature look which is his blonde mustache along with the bandana covering his hair.

hulk hogan action figure

As we mentioned before it comes back to branding an athlete and its apparent that the WWE emphasize Hulk Hogan Hair and beard on the action figures.

This same representation can be seen across different video games produced by the WWE.



Hulk Hogan Hair Gallery



Before his superstardom in the ring as Hogan it was Terry Bollea who was photo’d at his senior year at T. R. Robinson High School in Tampa, 1971.

hulk hogan with hair

We see a young Hogan at 18 years old with a full set of hair and no signs of balding!



1979 (WWE Debut)

We could tell you, but we’d rather show you!


Check out the video of Hulk Hogan’s WWE Debut match and pay attention to his hair. You will be able to see his scalp in certain angles and positions even with long hair which is evident his balding became more prevalent towards the late 70s.




By the time the 80s had come around Hulk had embraced his bald look and made several appearances outside of wrestling in his Hulkamania persona from johnny Carson, David Letterman to Saturday night live!

hulk hogan hair in the 80s

On occasion he wore his headscarf on his forehead as apart of his gimmick.




By the mid-90s Hogans persona had changed from the Hulkamania to Hollywood Hogan as he formed an alliance with fellow NWO wrestlers Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Hollywood hogan hair

Hogans hair remained the same with the difference in the colour of his bandana going from yellow to black.

The appearance of his beard was noticeable as he added black dye to his stubble to match the black theme of the group.



Current Look

Today he alternates between his classic horseshoe moustache and a full rounded beard. The length of his hair still long whilst continuously changing bandanas!

full beard


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