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WWE is no stranger to eccentric hairstyles, we have a long list of them but one of the most recent points of interests can be seen on the Dominik Mysterio Mullet.

In wrestling appearance plays a pivotal role in character development and audience engagement, this further applies to wrestlers whose families have wrestled before them and been able to create an image for themselves.

There is a big desire and need to be able to stand out, cultivate a unique image consumers will enjoy and buy into.

Our editorial details his Mullet from all angles, mullets in wrestling and wider pop culture.

Dominik Mysterio Mullet Gallery

Front View

The frontal part of the mullet is where the illusion is created, is it a medium length hairstyle, mop top, messy hair, longer quiff cut!

Dominik Mysterio Mullet Front View

Its all of the above! We have various images of Dominik alternating between the crew cut, curtains, and medium length hair at the front.

A common question within the wrestling forums and community is “Why does Dominik Mysterio have a mullet?”

Dominik’s mullet is a result of wanting a unique image which differs from his fathers Rey Mysterio. We all know Rey as the high flying, mask wearing, dare devil wrestling and a large part of his success is his image.

The hairstyle seamlessly blends tradition and rebellion, making it a beloved and enduring hairstyle that’s lasted for decades in the business.

Side View

The beauty of the mullet is that it can be worn in a traditional sense or in modern style and the small differentiator between the 2 is the faded sides.

Dominik Mysterio Mullet Side View

We can see Dominik having his sides shaved in various ways, skin fade, burst fade and even the temple fade.

The sharp contrast between the faded sides and the elongated back accentuates the rebellious nature of the mullet, and this is where most of the magic happens.

The diverse range of fades allows wrestlers to personalize their mullets, take Eddie Guerrero Mullet for example he mostly kept it traditional while todays wrestlers keep it modern.

Back View

The back view of the mullet is where we get to see the hairstyles true length. The front view doesn’t give much away, the side view gives subtle detail and the back shows all!

The mullet could be more tamed and styled and perfect for formal environments or it can be a wild, untamed mane, showcasing their adventurous and non-conformist spirit and we often see wrestlers pick the latter.  

Mullets in Wrestling

Mullets have been a prominent hairstyle in the world of wrestling for decades due to its striking contrast and visual appeal,

dominik mysterio mullet different angles

It has become synonymous with the flamboyant and larger-than-life characters, The hairstyle along added so much appeal to the nature boys look in the 80s and 90s.

Ric Flair Hair has the mullet to thank as well as Shawn Michaels Hair , Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, and “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig all making it a staple in wrestling culture.

Mullets in Pop Culture

While the popularity of the mullet has seen ebbs and flows, its impact on pop culture remains significant. Can you all agree with me that Billy Ray Cyrus Hair takes the credit for this?

Today with modern adaptations and variations appearing on runways, in movies, and in the music industry, its clear each new generation that comes along finds a new appreciation for the look.

More than just a hairstyle mullets is a representation of one’s identity and attitude which is normally non conformity.

Mullet Maintenance in 3 Steps

1. Regular Trimming

To maintain the distinct shape of a mullet, regular trimming is essential and whilst this can be achieved by yourself we do advise you visit your hair stylist.

If you insist on self-trimming then, Trim the front and sides every 3-4 weeks to maintain a neat appearance. Ensure that the back is well-groomed and free of split ends.

2. Shampoo and Condition

Given the varying lengths of a mullet, it’s important to keep the hair clean and well-conditioned.

Invest in a high quality shampoo that focuses on removing any product build-up, sweat, and oil.

Apply a moisturizing conditioner, especially to the longer sections at the back, to keep the hair soft, manageable, and healthy.

3. Style Appropriately

To enhance the look of your mullet, use styling products that are suitable for your hair type.

You know that wet hair look wrestlers typically do for a defined look? Yeah that’s down to using sprays, gels and sometimes a  light pomade to provide hold and texture.

For the longer section at the back, a leave-in conditioner or hair serum can help in managing frizz and adding shine.

Avoid using excessive amounts of styling products; a small amount should be enough to maintain the style without making the hair look greasy.

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