Will Smith Beard Styles (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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Each critically acclaimed TV appearance or movie features a different Will Smith beard which is always congruent to the character he portrays.

Some of his bearded looks have included the following,

  • Light Mustache
  • ½ Half Shoe Beard
  • Goatee Bear
  • Full Beard
  • Bushy Beard
  • Grey Beard

Our editorial provides a visual gallery of all his previous alternating bearded styles as well as his trademark look

The Best Will Smith Beard Moments

Light Mustache

We couldn’t start a Will Smith beard editorial without having the 1st on the list be in iconic look on the 90s sitcom the fresh prince.

Will Smith Beard in the 90s

During his days in the ’90s sitcom, Smith sported a light mustache that perfectly complemented the well known Will Smith Flat Top.

This look became synonymous with his character’s journey from street-smart teenager to a more responsible young adult.

Also how can you forget him as Agent J in men in black. Shirt, Tie, Suit and the classic mustache!

½ Half Shoe Beard

Smith’s appearance underwent a transformation, with a distinctive half-shoe beard to be congruent to his role in  The Pursuit of Happiness,”

His character’s journey was tough & The half-shoe beard became an emblem of Gardner’s relentless pursuit of success against all odds.

Outside of film and in pop culture the half shoe beard gained popularity thanks to Hulk Hogans Hair and beard in wrestling!

Is there a possibility Will would do this again? We doubt it, but you never know with will he does love a social media challenge, don’t be surprised if he portrays himself for Halloween in this look!

Goatee Beard

If there’s one beard style that’s become synonymous with Will Smith, it’s the iconic goatee beard.

Will Smith Beard in goatee

This look has graced Smith’s face for years and has become a staple of his public image.

Smith’s goatee has worked seamlessly well for a large majority of his roles, but the one that stands out the most was the beard being used for the movie focus.

Full Beard

Yes we all fell in love with the fresh prince but times have changed and we’ve seen him mature in front of us in real time which the full beard represents.

Full Beard

The full beard style speaks to a sense of maturity whilst also be perfect for his roles in movies such as

Whether he’s posing for magazine covers or sharing glimpses of his life on social media, the full beard showcases Smith’s willingness to experiment with his appearance while staying true to his authentic self.

Grey Beard

The emergence of grey hair in his beard marked a significant transition in his on-screen presence.

Will Smith Beard grey

Fans of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Smith’s grey beard and that of James Avery, who played Uncle Phil in the show.

This nostalgic resemblance sparked conversations about a potential new show where Smith steps into the role of the wise and seasoned mentor, much like Uncle Phil was to him in the original series.

Final Words

From the light mustache of his Fresh Prince days to the goatee that has become his hallmark, each beard style has contributed to various different TV/Film roles.  

Whether he’s donning a half-shoe beard to portray poverty or embracing the distinguished grey beard of experience, Smith’s facial hair tells a story and this is why the always connect.

As we continue to enjoy his performances on screen it will be interesting to see the direction his hair and beard takes.

Key Take Away: Maintenance

Ok sure the stars get access to hair and makeup for roles, and off set they have personal barbers but that doesn’t mean we can’t take pointers from them.

Whether its heavy stubble or a full-blown beard you’re going to need to ensure the following are in order.

  • Take Supplements
    Popular vitamins such as biotin are more likely to improve overall beard health which is vital.
  • Eat the Right Foods
    Yes what you put in your mouth shows through our skin and pores and facial hair is no different so be sure to have enough veggies and protein in your meal. Limit processed foods.
  • Be Patient
    With all the right foundations in place such as your vitamins and nutrition then beard growth simply becomes a game of patience.

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