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Shawn Michaels hair is one feature that has enchanted millions of ladies from all around the globe in the 1980s and 1990s. But, Michaels was pushed into doing something shocking by his thinning hairline. Shawn Michaels shaved his head for the very first time in the last few years since he began his career in 1984.

So, why was Shawn Michaels hair shaved? Michaels revealed he cut his head for some movie scene and acting roles. After retiring from professional wrestling sometime in 2010, Shawn did a one-night comeback to the ring.

Shawn was also known for his long time partnership with Triple H who collectively formed D Generation X wrestling group, in which both wrestlers sported long hair in their prime. Today both wrestlers have shaved heads which is a natural part of life due to thinning, let’s take a detailed look!

long hair vs shaved hair


Why did Shawn Michael Shave His Hair?

Shawn Michaels stunned the WWE universe by shaving his trademark long hair before the commencement of WrestleMania 34.

Michaels talked with the official WWE website after the WWE Hall of Fame Event back in 2018 about the significant aesthetic shift and explained why he carried out the profound haircut.

“‘Cos I’m a grown man. I’m 52,” Michaels said. “I’ve lived in the sticks for the last 10 years, and I just didn’t want Bubba from the barbershop cutting my hair. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I don’t know about styles. I don’t know about anything, hair care, anything else. It was just something I wanted to be done.”

A Floridian barber, Evan Dell, was the one who revealed the huge cut. The after-and-before photos were uploaded on the Facebook platform by Dell, and they instantly went widespread.

Shawn Michaels Hair shaved


Michael’s ponytail had been on for nearly two decades, and he asked his barber to give him a clear cut, a move that left many of his fans disappointed. According to the barber, it was an honor to be entrusted with the famed locks by a sincere and humble man.”

Shawn, on the other hand, had no intention of disclosing in this fashion. He didn’t seem to be happy with the announcement made by Evan Dell.

According to Shawn, “I thought he was taking a before-and-after picture because he wanted it professionally, and the dude went and tweeted it out”. “I was home eating dinner and just decided to get on Twitter, and it was blowing up. I was like ‘Oh snap, the dude went ahead and … oh.’ I felt so violated, you know what I mean?

Shawn Michaels then informed Dell that that singular post he made on Twitter may have cost him a client in the years ahead.

“Dude, for five minutes of fame, you cost yourself … I gave him a 30 percent tip that day, and I’ve done that every other month for a gazillion years,” he said light-heartedly. “Short-term gain, you gotta go with the long game, brother. That’s the key: Always go with the long game.”

When it comes to the appearance, the Wrestlemania Legend isn’t as enthralled as the rest of the Wrestling Family. He believes it’s quite close to how he usually appears with his hair tied back.

“To me, it’s just the same as when I pulled my hair back,” he said. “And that’s all I asked him. ‘Can you make it just look like this?,’ ‘cos I wear my back in a ponytail all the time anyway.”

The major hurdle he has encountered with his latest ‘do, according to him, is recalling that it is gone. He also talked to Triple H, his former teammate, about his hair-cutting experience.

According to Michaels, “I still have muscle memory. I still go back there to pull my hair-tie out before I jump in the shower or wash my hair I’m ready to go out like this.” “Hunter told me after he got his hair cut, for like a month he was still grabbing for the hair-tie. So there’s a lot of muscle memory things I’ll have to take care of.”


Shawns Michaels Hair in Pop Culture

Shawn Michaels action figure

Wrestling action figures have become collectable items for the fans and have been created in ways to further enhance the athlete’s features. In the case of Shawn Michaels his contemporary action figure include his bald head, a massive difference to the merchandise released years prior which included his ponytail.



 Current Look 

For the first time in almost twenty years, the appearance that has wowed the ladies has been changed. Yes, Shawn Michael ditched his distinctive ponytail in favor of a new look. Below is what he currently looks like:

shave Michaels Bald



80s, 90s & 2000s

shave Michaels throughout the years


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