Paul Mescal Mullet (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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Film & Television award ceremonies always have stand out moments and during the 76th British Academy Film Awards it was the Paul Mescal Mullet reveal.

The positive response to his mullet reveal has meant even more moments being captured such as him at the 2023 Oscars & Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Our editorial will detail Pauls Mullet from each angle as well as looking at the hairstyles pop culture resurgence.

Paul Mescal Mullet Gallery

Front View

One of the most distinctive features about Pauls mullet is the wavy crop top at front which makes for a laid back look.

Paul Mescal Mullet front view

The frontal area of the mullet is where the illusion is created, when you look at the front its all a guessing game, is it a messy crew cut, wavy crop or simply a short mop top.

In addition to this its ability to blend the conventional with the unconventional is what makes the hairstyle that much more trendy.

At a glance, it could almost pass for a more conventional cut that is until we see his hairstyle from the back and sides.

Its potential to be a subtle yet bold style statement is what separates this look from the rest and something we will see more of.

Side View

The modern mullet allows for more customization and personalization whereas traditional mullets sticks to the origins, think Billy Ray Cyrus Hair in the 90s!

Paul Mescal Mullet side view

The Paul Mescal Mullet style echoes out tradition as opposed to the modern mullet which features variations of fades on the sides such as skin fade, temple fade, or burst fade.

The fading technique offers a smoother transition between the different lengths, creating a more harmonious and balanced look that’s also used for similar hairstyles on different texture hair, for example the drop shag on afro textured hair.

Here’s some examples of modern mullet classics and modern styles

Jeff Wittek Hair is normally seen with a modern mullet and classic 80s Shawn Michaels Hair can be seen in the traditional mullet.

Back View

Due to the nature of Pauls mullet being quite short this has often times been sighted as a wavy quiff hairstyle.

back view of mullet

Mullets come in various shapes, sizes and lengths depending on the preference of the individual. Wrestlers wanting to make flamboyant statement tend to have the long mullets, Ric Flair Hair as an example!

Paul’s shorter back added an element of intrigue to the hairstyle, sparking conversations and debates about the evolving nature of the mullet.

It was a reminder of the mullet’s versatility and its ability to adapt to contemporary style trends, offering a diverse palette for individual expression and creativity.

Video Feature & Product Reveal

Its one thing to admire the look, but it’s a whole different thing to get the product used by Paul himself which he reveals in the GQ video below.

In the video above Paul talks about using a textured sea salt spray to define hair and let it be as he prefers a simple grooming routine. 

Mullets in Pop Culture

Nonconformity, and a distinctive sense of style should explain why each new generation continues to select the mullet as the style!

Everything classic see the youth give it a new iteration and meaning and for the mullet that means fades and different textures, making it a versatile and adaptable choice for fashion-forward individuals.

The mullet’s resurgence in recent fashion trends signifies its timeless appeal and its ability to reinvent itself to suit contemporary aesthetics.

Mullet Maintenance in 3 Steps

1. Decide your Length

The foundation of any mullet is deciding the length at the front and back, and there both important decisions to make. Super short back and short to medium front is what Paul has!

Once decided you’ll need to ensure this is trimmed and maintained every 3 weeks to be on the safe side!

2. Shampoo and Condition

Given the varying lengths of a mullet, it’s important to keep the hair clean and well-conditioned.

Invest in a high quality shampoo that focuses on removing any product build-up, sweat, and oil.

Apply a moisturizing conditioner, especially to the longer sections at the back, to keep the hair soft, manageable, and healthy.

3. Style Appropriately

To enhance the look of your mullet, use styling products that are suitable for your hair type.

You know that wet hair look wrestlers typically do for a defined look? Yeah that’s down to using sprays, gels and sometimes a light pomade to provide hold and texture.

For the longer section at the back, a leave-in conditioner or hair serum can help in managing frizz and adding shine.

Avoid using excessive amounts of styling products; a small amount should be enough to maintain the style without making the hair look greasy.

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