The Evolution of Ric Flair Hair (Past & Present)

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To further sell the flamboyant nature of his persona the Ric Flair hair added a unique dynamic, one which communicated, status, riches, and effortless flow.

The wrestling business is 50% physical skill and 50% marketability and likeness and its safe to say Ric Flairs brand is one of the most distinctive during all eras thanks to his platinum blonde locks.

The evolution of Ric Flairs Hair dates to his debut in the 70s all the way until today, check it out!

The Evolution of Ric Flair Hair (Timeline)


His debut look in 1972 would look nothing in comparison to his Nature Boy persona which he was known for throughout his career.

Ric Flair hair in the 70s

Flair would adopt the nature boy look after a crash in 1976, prior to that his hair reflected his brand at the time, the medium size comb over.

The most distinctive feature about his hair throughout all eras was his platinum blonde colour, it is the one thing which has separated him from his peers.

Prior to his debut wrestling look we also saw the athlete sporting a buzz cut, something which is hard to picture today as his long hair is embedded in our minds.


As the wrestling business grew so did the most prominent figures in the business such as Flair who was one of the biggest draws at the time.

Ric Flair hair in the 80s

Most remember Ric Flairs hair at shoulder length during the time, layered and with his platinum blonde locks making him stand out.

Puffed up hair, middle parting, and thick was the style in which he paraded around the ring.

The hairstyle screams pretty boy before Shawn Michaels Hair was even a thing and continues to be spoken about decades later.


During the mid to late 90s a new wave of wrestlers would enter the business forming what was known as the attitude era, yet Flairs distinctive hair would still stand him out.

Ric Flair Hair in the 90s

Side view of Ric Flairs Hair in comparison to Hulk Hogans Hair which had experienced male pattern baldness in the crown area but having hair on the sides.

wrestlers hair in the 90s

Still the same style, only this time we see his hair just above shoulder length which is simply due to having cut some hair shorter.

Long hair is great aesthetically, I mean look at Jeff hardy Hair, works for his brand but we can imagine it may cause facial obstruction, so we saw him have some shaved off.


The year is 2000, we enter a new millennium and one of the most shocking plays is about to happen, Vince Russo shaves Ric Flair’s head.

Ric Flair hair shaven

Now whilst Flair would leave the WCW for WWE with his hair grown back it was a shock to the system having been his image throughout his career as we’ve mentioned.


Today we see Ric Flairs hair much thinner which is slicked back for all appearances in the WWE.

thinning hair

Having been in the business for over 4 decades we have seen him as the 23 young rookie who debuted to his legendary status all the while witnessing his physical changes to body and hair.

As we all know with hair the body processes certain nutrients less effectively such as iron which is needed for hair, which explains the thinning.

Not all men are the same which is evident by Hogans bald spot whilst Flairs thinning has happened gradually over years.

Nevertheless, he maintains his flamboyant persona today with his hair being slicked back and well kept! Doesn’t matter how much scalp is exposed he still is the nature boy!

Ric Flair Hair Extended Gallery

Ric Flair Hair gallery
wrestlers blonde hair
blonde hair on wrestlers

Key Take Away: Have a Signature Look

As we stated in the introduction skill is just as important as looks and charisma in wrestling and something Flair understood quite well.

Therefore, the lesson here is figure out your signature look at own it

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    You can only know your signature look once you have tested out various hairstyles. Flair would have had to go through trial and error before finding out his look.

  • Be Consistent
    Got the look, good, now its time to own it be being consistent. You can have the same style done in many ways but the ownness is on you to ensure your consistent.

  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. If you’re unsure ask your barber or hairstylist. Remember less is more.

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