The Best Jeff Wittek Haircut Moments Ranked!

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It’s a roll of the dice when it comes to the Jeff Wittek haircut as he is seen with various different styles from his,

  • Jeff Wittek Mullet
  • Slicked Back Hair
  • Cornrows
  • Combover Side Parting
  • Quiff
  • Pompadour
  • Fohawk

In addition to this the youtuber runs his online series “Jeff’s barbershop” which follows him emulating his guests hairstyles during interviews which would explain the constant change. I mean, that is one way to flatter your guests, right.

Our editorial will take a deep dive into his signature mullet as well as the other styles he alternates between

Here are the Best Jeff Wittek Haircut Moments Ranked

Jeff Wittek Mullet

If were starting a Jeff Wittek Haircut list then it only makes sense to start with his signature look, the modern mullet.

Jeff Wittek hair with a mullet

Whilst its well documented over the past few years via his YouTube channel various hairstyles have been tried and tested, it’s his mullet which is been the favourite!

So much so that during an episode of Jeffs barbershop Logan Pauls Hair was trimmed by the youtuber himself to recreate his signature look.

Jeff Wittek Mullet in 2023

The mullet is an 80s classic men’s hairstyle and continues to be sort after in modern times as evident by both youtubers who have made it their trademark look.

Slicked Back Hair

Doesn’t the classic slicked back look scream 80s stock trader, businessman on wall street, playboy, basically everything men would love to be associated with!

Slicked Back Hair

The transition between Jeff’s mullet and slicked back hair is quite seamless and effortless which he has done on several occasions.

In a social media post to promote the new series of his YouTube show we can see the clean defined slicked mullet which we imagine has been achieved with the use of a great conditioner.

The natural follow up questions from shoots like that can only be “How to Slick Your Hair Back”.

In that case check out GQ’s step by step guide as well as product recommendations!


During an episode of the barbershop Jeff had cornrows installed in his hair for guest Sean O Malley.


Sean O Malley’s Hair is notorious for colourful cornrows and box braids which makes him stand out within the UFC arena.

Sean previously stated that it was the rapper 69 who inspired him to start colouring his hair in multiple ways and he hasn’t looked back since.

Outside of the bizarre colours and the out of the ordinary style for Jeff it certainly captured the attention of their followers. Over 600k views on this episode not bad.

Combover with Side Parting

The comb over presents a more formal masculine look which may be one of the best looks on Jeff!

The main feature of this hairstyle is hair being directed in a particular direction, left or right. This then creates a side part than can be further accentuated once shaven.

To bring more attention to the top of your head you have the option to fade the sides and for this particular style the temple fade will work best.

With this particular style a small section above the ear is shaved which creates a natural contrast between the side and top and draws more attention his hair and beard.


The quiff continues to be sort after by young men as its usually worn for formal settings whilst also being appropriate in social arenas.

Jeff Wittek Haircut in a quiff

Jeff can be seen in various photos in his quiff regardless as to whether he’s shooting a YouTube video, interview, photoshoot or a more formal engagement. 

His quiff is styled voluminous whilst being brush backwards. Now the good thing about the quiff is that you have the option to style it, left, right or leave it messy.


Similar in style to the quiff only this time bigger, much bigger. The pompadour is a statement hairstyle and has been in heavy rotation for decades.

The pompadour is well known for its volume and shine and whilst it does require much maintenance the finished look makes it worth it.

It will also feature a short back and sides in comparison to the top, with the fringe left longer than the hair at the crown.


Were quickly able to see that Jeff alternates between the mullet and Fohawk on a consistent basis.


When he’s got on his mullet its shaved sides with the alternative fade, when its time for a new look then we see the drop fade on the sides with a long top.

Again, similar to the quiff it is suitable for various settings, both formal and casual.

For a more finished polished look ensure you got some clay, wax or pomade and your good to go.

Facial Hair

Whilst his hairstyles are forever changing whether it be to emulate guests on his show or for personal reason the one consistent is his facial hair.

Jeff can be seen in stubble the vast majority of the time, yes it will grow out giving him the medium size beard, however he tends to usually keep his facial hair trimmed down.

Key Take Away: Don’t be scared to try New Styles

Though Jeff’s trademark look is his mullet we have seen him try everything from the quiff, combover to the Fohawk hairstyle.

Ensure you also try different styles to determine which one compliments you best.

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    Find 2 to 3 hairstyles from our list above and begin to test those out. Take pictures these different styles and select when you looked best, ask others for their opinion if need be.

  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. If you’re unsure ask your barber or hairstylist.

  • Be Consistent
    Once you’ve gone through the trouble of growing your hair for months, testing what works and what doesn’t you will eventually have your style, good! Now rock the look like you own it!

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