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Wrestlers are so much more than technical ability, its likeness, persona, charisma and overall abilities to move crowds. Each athlete needs a unique look and feel and in this case it’s the various Brock Lesnar beard looks which add to his appeal.

The alternating styles we see on the athlete range from his,

  • Full Beard
  • Bushy
  • Ginger Beard

Our editorial will delve into the evolution of Brock Lesnar’s beard styles

Brock Lesnar Beard Gallery (All Styles)

Full Beard

The full beard style, characterized by dense and well-groomed facial hair covering the entire face, perfectly complements Lesnar’s larger-than-life persona.

Full Beard
Image Credit – WWE

This beard style exudes masculinity and authority, aligning seamlessly with his powerful presence both in the ring and outside of it.

The full beard requires careful maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Lesnar’s dedication to keeping his full beard well-trimmed and neatly shaped is evident, and it enhances his commanding appearance.

The full beard resonates with individuals who seek to showcase their strength and confidence through their facial hair. Lesnar’s choice to sport this style serves as an inspiration for those who wish to exude a potent and dominant aura.


We all know Brock Lesnar Hair is long and normally in a ponytail, the look is further highlighted with his bushy unruly apperance.

Image Credit – WWE

The bushy beard style gives off an aura of rugged authenticity and power, something that is necessary when your a beast in the wrestling business.

Lesnar’s take on this style adds an extra layer of intensity to his already imposing look, highlighting his fearless attitude both inside and outside the arena.

The bushy beard is a departure from the meticulously groomed appearance often associated with his earlier years in the business. All clean shaven images remind us of his earlier years in WWE.

Lesnar’s ability to maintain a balanced and controlled bushy beard demonstrates his attention to detail. This beard style appeals to those who value individuality and want to stand out from the crowd while maintaining a sense of rawness and authenticity.

Ginger Beard

Brock Lesnar surprised the world when he experimented with a ginger beard, showcasing his adventurous approach to grooming.

Brock Lesnar Beard in ginger

The ginger beard is a departure from Lesnar’s usual dark facial hair, adding an unexpected splash of color to his formidable presence.

This style highlights Lesnar’s willingness to take risks and embrace change, both in his appearance and in his career choices.

The ginger beard requires confidence to pull off, as it’s not a conventional choice. Lesnar’s ability to confidently sport this unique style speaks volumes about his willingness to challenge norms and embrace new experiences.

This beard style is perfect for those who want to infuse their look with a touch of vibrancy and surprise, showcasing their boldness and adaptability.

Here’s How to Maintain a Beard

Whether you’re struggling to grow a beard like, have stubble or a full beard all stages of facial hair follow the same principles below.

Regular Grooming

Setting a routine is important as this is what will keep your grooming habits a part of your lifestyle.

Use a good quality beard trimmer to maintain an even length and shape.

Nourish and Hydrate

It’s very easy to forget the skin under your facial hair as its not exposed as it used to be. Ensure your hydrating this area.

This not only prevents itchiness but also tames any unruly strands.

Massage beard oil into your beard and skin for that extra dose of care oh and ensure the beard oil doesn’t irritate you. I found out the hard way when I used castor oil.

Comb and Brush

Regularly comb or brush your beard to distribute natural oils, prevent tangles, and give it a neat appearance.

When you’re aiming for a big, full beard, these tools are your best friends. Just remember, gentle strokes are the way to go – treat your beard like the treasure it is!

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