All Kanye West Beard Styles (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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Whilst he might be unpredictable as an artist his facial hair is certainly not. Throughout his career we have seen Kanye West Beard styles alternate between the following,

  • Goatee
  • Full Beard
  • Bushy Beard

Our editorial will pin point out some of the practical reasons as to why Kanye only alternates between these few bearded styles.

Kanye West Beard Styles (Past & Present)


Kanye’s goatee is a little more unique than the average person’s since we can see his facial shape slighted altered after the car crash.

Kanye West Beard in Goatee

The goatee, as sported by Kanye, is a well-defined statement, we see the minimalistic beard style whilst being reminded of his vital car accident.

Ye’s goatee has often been impeccably groomed, showcasing his attention to detail and commitment to maintaining a polished appearance and that’s the perks of having personal barbers travel with you at any given time.

The Full Beard

For Kanye the full beard serves 2 purposes, an aesthetic one and a practical one. Aesthetically this is a departure from the sleek lines of the goatee.

Kanye West Beard in full

Practically this is the beard style that covers more of his jaw which again is slightly bigger than the average persons due to his fatal accident.

This is no different to 50 cent’s beard when he chooses to grow out his full beard to cover up his bullet wound.

This beard style is ideal for those who want to convey masculine confidence and a sense of self-assuredness.

The Bushy Beard

For those who believe that bigger is better, Kanye’s venture into the world of bushy beards showcases his audacious personality.

Bushy Beard
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The bushy beard is characterized by its fullness and untamed appearance, something he loves to do challenge norms.

This is has the message throughout his music and visuals, go against the status quo and if that means having a bushy beard the world wont like then so be it.

The bushy beard exudes a sense of rawness and not wanting to appeal to the mass, Ye makes the masses come to him.

We also have a large array of rappers with beards now choosing to sport the bushy look.

Here’s How to Maintain a Beard

Whether you’re struggling to grow a beard like, have stubble or a full beard all stages of facial hair follow the same principles below.

Regular Grooming

Setting a routine is important as this is what will keep your grooming habits a part of your lifestyle.

Use a good quality beard trimmer to maintain an even length and shape.

Nourish and Hydrate

It’s very easy to forget the skin under your facial hair as its not exposed as it used to be. Ensure your hydrating this area.

This not only prevents itchiness but also tames any unruly strands.

Massage beard oil into your beard and skin for that extra dose of care oh and ensure the beard oil doesn’t irritate you. I found out the hard way when I used castor oil.

Comb and Brush

Regularly comb or brush your beard to distribute natural oils, prevent tangles, and give it a neat appearance.

When you’re aiming for a big, full beard, these tools are your best friends. Just remember, gentle strokes are the way to go – treat your beard like the treasure it is!

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