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It’s no surprise that Brock Lesnar Hair is an actual topic of discussion in 2022! Since his debut in 2002 we were accustomed to Brocks short hairstyle, 20 years later and he has grown a top knot pony tail creating a new identity for the wrestler.

The world of sports entertainment is full of larger-than-life personalities and amazing performers who style their hair in multiple ways. A great example of this is Roman Reigns Hair which deserves its own post.

Brock’s new hairdo however was a massive shock for us and still is.

He’s one of the most recognizable names in sports which results into his hair, fashion and personal life being an area of interest, hence our article. Here’s our detailed look at Lesnar’s hair during his earlier career and his current hairstyle now in 2022. 


Brock Lesnar Top Knot PonyTail (Current Look) 2022

brock lesnar hair

brock lesnar ponytail

If there’s one thing we know about wrestlers, it’s that they like to make a largely anticipated come back. One that leaves the WWE universe talking months after. For Brock this come back from his WWE hiatus was debuting his new ponytail leaving fans shocked.

As we mentioned before, up until now Brock had always sported a relatively low hairstyle. The attention had always been on his wrestling skills, fans in awe of his quickness and speed despite his size, today however the attention is placed on his new hairdo.


Brock Lesnar Hair in the Early Days (2002)

Brock Lesnar 2002

Absolutely no attention was given to Brocks hair back in 2002, it was not a talking point. During that time we were much more concerned about what colour Jeff hardy was going to dye his hair. We just wanted Brock to wrestle.

Brock’s flat crew haircut in 2002 was much different than his look today. He wore a blondish-brown flat crew cut. The sides were also razor faded, and he had an intricate part in front that wrapped around to meet his beard. 

Strangely enough his haircut back in 2002 being simple and clean helped with his tough guy persona as it simply communicated masculinity and not to be played with.

The reason it’s a shock today is because we now have to imagine Brock spending time in the mirror doing his hair which feels strange. I mean Shawn Michaels Hair having a routine, expected, Brock? Not so much.  


Brock Lesnar Hair in Video Games 

Brock in 2k22

Brock Lesnar is depicted as a monster of nature in WWE video games, which is again the case here. The crew at WWE have nailed his hair and beard with a much realistic look. To further express his new look and identity the game perfectly captures all facial features. So don’t be surprised when you select Brock Lesnar to take you to season mode and you have the big guy with a pony tail. 



How to Do a Top Knot Haircut?

A top knot has become a popular hairstyle among all men. That is because of two reasons, one being that it’s effortless to do and secondly, it gives an elegant look to any man. 

As you search the internet you will find that the Top Knot Hairstyle can be done in multiple ways. Brocks style will differ to your own personal style so keep that in mind, however the process to achieve this look is all the same. We have laid out how to go about it (See a professional though)

Step 1: Start with shampooing your hair and condition afterward. The man bun looks best when you’ve had a chance to wash your hair and use a bit of conditioner. You can maintain healthier hair by using this and keeping it from drying out. 

Step 2: Consider brushing your hair after taking a shower. Loosen all the knots out of your hair so that it’s as smooth as possible. Making sure the knots are out first will ensure your man bun will look clean and neater. 

Step 3:Place all your hair in your hand as though you’re doing a pony tail and place together. This will be easy to capture since we assume you have shaved sides.

Step 4: Take an elastic band or hair tie and pull the hair through it once and your done.



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