Fat Joe Beard (Real or Fake) Find Out Inside

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The Fat Joe beard conversation has found its place in the troll category as the rapper released images via social media of himself in a seemingly new darker beard which looked sprayed on.

Beside the initial shock of his new bearded look fans have been interested in finding out whether this is his real beard as well as the expected trolling!

All is revealed below.

Black Dye on Beard

December 2021, Fat Joe releases images of himself on social media in what seems to be a darker tone beard which opens the gates of social media trolling.

Fat Joe beard comparison (real and dye)

Fat Joe’s beard is real, HOWEVER its quite obvious that some form of beard dye or colour was used to achieve this look.

In our before and after image above were able to see Joe’s beard before the dye and after which would spark the social conversation and trolling.

For a beard dye to look seamless and natural it will require going one shade closer to your actual beard, yet he goes the complete opposite direction.

Beard dye tends to either be permanent of semi-permanent and its safe to assume Joes was semi-permanent since he has reverted back to his natural beard and colour.

Other Fat Joe Beard Styles

When Joes not being trolled on the internet for his obvious beard colour spray look, we often see him alternating between his classic stubble and goatee.


For the most part Joe has kept his beard in a heavy stubble look which he has worn throughout most of his career.

Fat Joe beard in stubble

It’s the perfect in-between for men not wanting to go for the full-on beard whilst not wanting the clean-shaven baby face look.

Bald rappers such as Joe tend to place a heavy emphasis on their beard which is understandable.

Not having any hair on top results into a great level of grooming and attention towards their beard even if it comes with a hint of online trolling.  


Another signature Fat Joe Beard is his thin goatee which was mostly worn throughout the early to mid-stages of his career.

Fat Joe beard in goatee

Facial hair on the sides is shaven off to create a focus around the mouth area only and the distinctive thin goatee on Joe becomes his signature look.

His thin goatee as often times been the foundation for his chin strap beard too.

Grown out sideburns connecting along his jawline and chin is the perfect alternative to the heavy stubble.

Ensure you shave off the rest of your facial hair to create a continuous line which runs down the end jaw of your face. Ice Cube Beard is a perfect example of this.

Extended Gallery

Key Take Away: Maintenance

Ok jokes on Fat Joe are over! What can we learn from all of this beside the heavy trolling! He has a maintenance routine.

Whether its heavy stubble or a full-blown beard you’re going to need to ensure the following are in order.

  • Take Supplements
    Popular vitamins such as biotin are more likely to improve overall beard health which is vital.

  • Eat the Right Foods
    Yes what you put in your mouth shows through our skin and pores and facial hair is no different so be sure to have enough veggies and protein in your meal. Limit processed foods.

  • Be Patient
    With all the right foundations in place such as your vitamins and nutrition then beard growth simply becomes a game of patience.

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