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Any drastic change to an athletes trademark look is always going to gain national coverage, Travis Kelce with no beard is the perfect example of this.

Back in 2021 we saw the star show up to training camp without his usual full beard, instead we got a clean shaven look which was scrutinized, trolled and questioned.

We prefer Travis Kelce with a beard but our personal feelings aside lets take a detail look.

Why did Travis Kelce Shave his beard?

In a bold nod to “Moustache Monday,” Kelce dramatically unveiled a fresh new look, the moustache. I mean was he inspired by Tom Selleck’s moustache?

Travis Kelce with No Beard in 2021

The moustache is even more apparent since Travis Kelce’s Hair was kept at a short length, thus drawing more attention to the beard.

As if the moustache wasn’t enough of a shock he decided to part ways with the rest of his facial hair, leaving behind an unexpectedly smooth visage.

This daring move didn’t fail to raise eyebrows, as his fans were left both intrigued and, for some, even horrified by the transformation.

Video Reaction

Rich Eisen, Chris Brockman and TJ Jefferson did a review back in 2021 on Travis Kelce with no beard, the response it had on social media and their thoughts.

The look before the shave

Prior to his clean shaven look we saw Travis alternate between the goatee and full beard, both styles being distinctive due to his strains of ginger hair.

bearded look

Ginger hair and beards are genetic inheritance’s which we saw on other athletes within the sport, George Kittle Hair a prime example of this.

If an athlete carries the necessary combination of genes responsible for red hair, there’s a high percentage this will be shown throughout the hair and beard.

These genes are typically recessive and can be passed down from parents which explains some members of his family having the same color.

Current Bearded Look

Let’s be honest some beard styles require more upkeep than others, which might explain Travis still continuing to alternate between the full beard and moustache.

The frequency of maintenance varies from person to person but we can say this will mostly be a quick maintenance job as there’s not so much hair on a stache!

The benefit of longer beards is that it offer a versatility, so if you’re feeling shorter styles it can be trimmed down, his social media shows all different styles he’s done.

How to grow a Full Beard

Not all beards are made the same BUT, they will all follow the same principles should you want the desired look.

Learn from Travis’s mistakes and don’t cut your beard, instead figure out how to grow a beard and select the style best suited for you.

  • Take Supplements
    Facial hair benefits from vitamins and nutrients so ensure your taking the right amount. Multivitamin should be all you need.
  • Eat the Right Foods
    Your hair is made of proteins, so you should in turn ingest plenty of protein through your chicken, eggs, and steak! Don’t forget your veggies too!
  • Be Patient
    You all know it but hate to go through it, yes patience is the game. With the proper foundations laid out then it’s only a case of being patience.
  • Apply Beard Oils
    Don’t forget there’s skin under there! Yes, under your beard, it may sound silly but when you think of it that way you remembered it needs to be moisturized too. Oil is the answer
  • Visit Barber for Trims
    During your journey you’re going to need to ensure your ends are trimmed to removed splits.

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