Patrick Mahomes Haircut (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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When your personal barber names a hairstyle the “Show me Cut” in reference to Patrick Mahomes Haircut it’s a testament to just how influential his hair is.

In his 7 NFL Seasons (& counting) his signature hairstyle has featured,

  • Signature Curls
  • Taper Fade Mohawk
  • Burst Fade

Since the branding of his particular haircut there has been an increase in demand to replicate the look! Imitation is the best form of flattery so Patrick and his barber are  doing something right.

Our editorial will take a deep dive in his signature hairstyle but also detail the impact its had amongst young males and the brand deals to come from it.

Patrick Mahomes Haircut and Influence

Signature Curls

The 1st thing we notice about Patrick’s hair is his defined S shaped curls which are loose and bouncy! This becomes the foundation for all his hairstyles.

Patrick Mahomes Haircut with curls

His curls are a are result of his Type 3 hair which is immediately noticeable. There is a great amount of volume and shine.

Type 3 hair tends to experience shrinkage when it comes into contact with water however hair always stays coiled regardless of the product used or if contact is made with water.

Taper Fade Mohawk

Through the advice of his teammate Travis Kelce he visited barber Dejuan Bonds who together crafted the signature taper fade mohawk which he’s known for today.

Patrick Mahomes Haircut with fade

The beauty of his taper fade mohawk is that it creates a contrast between the sides and top of his head which ultimately brings more focus to his curls as well as it being a sharper look.

Not all heroes wear capes therefore we have to show appreciation for Dejuan Bonds, I mean when your responsible for Travis Kelce Hair as well as Patrick Mahomes, 2 superstar athletes, we have to give him his flowers.

Make up to women is what haircuts are for men and it’s the barbers that deserve all praise! Thank you Dejuan Bonds!

Burst Fade

Another distinctive look in the Patrick Mahomes hair look book, the burst fade in which he alternates between when his mohawk grows out.

Burst Fade

Similar in appearance to the mohawk however with slight modifications, hair is tapered around the ear and back of head in a semi-circular shape whereas the mohawk continues runs down.

The main benefit of the style is the versatility as It can be implemented on various hair lengths, short medium or long, so no need to wait, unless you have a buzz cut that is.

So the actual “show me cut” could be the burst fade or mohawk as he alternates between the 2.

The influence of the “Show Me Cut”

Its one thing to be recognised for a haircut, it’s a another for young males to request the cut in dedication of the athlete.

Young male football fans continue to have the Patrick Mahomes haircut which is often seen in various colours, styles and patterns.

In the video below ESPN visits his barber to talk about the history of the haircut.

In addition to this we also see the online marketplaces such as amazon, Esty and eBay selling what’s known as the Patrick Mahomes Hair Wigs!


Yes its not a hairstyle but its deserving of its own subheading since Patrick is synonymous for his signature headbands.

With the intent of being practical to keep sweat away from face and hair quickly turns into a statement piece and fashion item.

As well as his curls being one of the most distinctive features its seamlessly paired with his Kansas City Chiefs headband on game days.

Brand Deals!

As a result of the influential show me cut and curls we have seen Head and Shoulders partner with Patrick!


In a editorial with Head and Shoulders HAIR CARE TIPS FROM PATRICK MAHOMES we saw the athlete endorsing the Head & Shoulders Charcoal 2-in-1.

Key Take Away: Maintenance

With Patrick’s hair being curly and full of volume means he will need to ensure his volume and S shape curls remain defined.

Yes answer to this is a certain level of routine to ensure long term health. We advise you

  • Use a lightweight oil on your scalp!
  • Keep protective styles in for a maximum of 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Protect hair during any physical activity as he does with his headband,
    durag or headscarf.
  • Moisturise our Hair.

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