Jack Harlow with No Beard (Gallery)

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The power of images is its ability to mark time, therefore whenever we see images of Jack Harlow with No Beard,” it reminds us of his initial debut years as an artist.

His youthful look exemplified by the absence of facial hair is simply a result of his late teenage years and early 20’s.

Our editorial uses visual imagery to detail his clean shaven days before his current look.

Jack Harlow with No Beard Gallery

Music Video

The year is 2019, Jack drops the track Cody Banks and the music video starts by focusing on his clean shaven baby face, now why is this important?

Jack Harlow with No Beard

The 1st impression an artist makes seems to be the one that lasts the strongest and longest, hence the increase in search of Jack Harlow with No Beard images.

People form judgments and assumptions about your personality & character based on their first impression of an artist, not just there music.

Jack is clearly much younger here and we got to see him grow musically.

Promo Run 2018

All promo runs from Jack from 2018 – 2019 usually featured him with his clean shaven look. Appearances on genius, yahoo, radio stations etc.

Jack Harlow No Beard

To effectively market and promote new music releases & build anticipation artists promo run means we get to see more of them,

clean shaven face

More images, more press, more videos which means we get documented images of baby face Jack.

Interview (Esquire)

In another major promo run we saw Jack interviewed by the esquire back in 2019, also seen in his clean shaven look.

What’s interesting about this time period is that he’s seen with no facial hair which would blend in to his overall look the clean shaven look contrasts his curls.

This therefore brings more attention to his hairstyle, that’s since changed, the attention is focused on his ginger beard and curls!

1st Beard Style (Hair Interlink)

One of the 1st bearded styles we began to see was the moustache as he transitioned away from his clean shave.


Thin, small but noticeably different to his usual image.

The Jack Harlow beard look follows a similar trajectory as a rookie NBA athlete, and now your wondering how that can be possible, here’s what I mean.

Many young athletes entering the NBA opt for a clean-shaven or short hair look as they establish themselves in a new environment, that’s what Jack did.

As they begin to form an identity and get comfortable we then get bearded looks that compliment Jack Harlow’s Hair in curls.

No different to a NBA player seen with short hair at the start option for different styles, James Harden Hair and beard perfect examples of this.

Beard Look Today

The scruffy beard look, like Harlow’s, often features facial hair that is grown slightly longer than a typical stubble but shorter than a full, dense beard.

jack harlows current beard

The presence of ginger facial hair, like Jack Harlow’s, is influenced by genetics.

Some men naturally have hair follicles that produce pigments resulting in reddish or ginger tones.

This unique coloration is often accompanied by variations in hair and eye color.

How to grow a Full Beard

Not all beards are made the same BUT, they will all follow the same principles should you want the desire look.

Here’s how to grow your beard just like jacks, well apart from getting it ginger, that’s ginger unless you dye it, anyway enough talking from me.

  • Take Supplements
    Facial hair benefits from vitamins and nutrients so ensure your taking the right amount. Multivitamin should be all you need.
  • Eat the Right Foods
    Your hair is made of proteins, so you should in turn ingest plenty of protein through your chicken, eggs, and steak! Don’t forget your veggies too!
  • Be Patient
    You all know it but hate to go through it, yes patience is the game. With the proper foundations laid out then its only a case of being patient.
  • Apply Beard Oils
    Don’t forget there’s skin under there! Yes, under your beard, it may sound silly but when you think of it that way you remembered it needs to be moisturized too. Oil is the answer
  • Visit Barber for Trims
    During your journey you’re going to need to ensure your ends are trimmed to removed splits.

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