Patrick Bateman Haircut (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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Depending on the movie scene in the Hollywood hit movie American Psycho we saw the Patrick Bateman Haircut alternate between 2 signature styles throughout the film which were his,

  • Side Quiff
  • Slicked Back (Front View)
  • Slicked Back (Side View)

The success of the movie has resulted in the character analysis of his dark triad character traits along with a hairstyle which is not congruent to his character yet one that remains a point of interest, decades later! Talk about influence!

Our editorial highlights his signature looks throughout the movie and how you can achieve a similar style.

Patrick Bateman Haircut in American Psycho

Side Quiff

In order to capture the essence of 1980s New York city, we see the portrayal of Patrick Bateman a 27-year-old Wall Street investment banker in the decades favourite side quiff hairstyle.

Patrick Bateman Haircut in a side quiff

Whilst there were various 80s hairstyles men wore during this time nothing captures this era better than the side quiff.

Hair is simply directed to the left or right which leaves a parting on the side as we have marked on the image above.

A more modern variation of this hairstyle today would be the addition of a fade, temple, drop or burst fade to be exact.

Slicked Back (Front View)

One of the most memorable scenes from the movie is the introduction of Patrick Bateman in which we are walked through his morning routine.

Patrick Bateman Haircut slicked back

Slicked back hair, facial cleanse and a rinse allows us to understand the character having a deep sense of personal hygiene as a priority.

The investment of gel or a wax is what you’ll be needing to recreate the iconic 80s look.

Slicked Back (Side View)

The side view of the signature styles allows us to view the style with a different angle. Were able to see hair styles above his ear directing towards the back!

slicked back side view

The modern man today has taken the principle of the style and added multiple variations to it such as the undercut or faded sides.

Patrick Bateman’s hairstyle being slicked back throughout most of the movie is representation of the classic look.

Old habits never die out and that’s especially true amongst men if the result is looking like a 80s business man, playboy, stock trader or investment banker like Patrick!

Extended Gallery

We have included various different images of Patrick throughout the movie showing them all in different angles.

Patrick Bateman Hairstyle
Patrick Bateman Hair
Patrick Bateman Haircut in movie

In Pop Culture

You know a films classic when various merchandise and action figures are made in likeness of Patrick which we see below.

The action figure has been created which mimics his signature slicked back hair from the scene in which he’s walking into the office with his head phones, we all remember that scene!

How to Slick your Hair Back

The short version below for guys looking for a quick fix, read below.

  1. Invest in a high-quality pomade. This can either be oil based or water based.
  2. Ensure hair is damp and begin to comb hair backwards.
  3. Apply product and continue combing thoroughly!
  4. Finish with light weight spray

The long version here – for guys wanting all intricate details around how to slick back your hair.

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