George Kittle Hair (Detailed Look)

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If there’s one good thing to come from the 2020 pandemic it would be men growing out their hair and beards and George Kittle hair is a perfect example of this.

During his draft year we saw his hairstyle alternate between a crew cut and medium length hair, today however it reaches his shoulders and often the talking point during games for sticking out of his helmet, more about that soon!

Let’s look at George’s hair throughout the years

George Kittle Hair type

Caucasian males such as George with straight fine hair fall under the type 1 category. From the image below we can see that Type 1 hair has no natural curl.

george kittle hair type

George Kittle Hair Gallery

Man Bun

Whilst we love and appreciate his manbun what’s even better is the attention this brings towards his chiselled manly features.

george kittle hair in a manbun

With hair that length you’re going to want to style and control it from time to time which is why we see George constantly putting it in a manbun.

This allows for minimal facial obstructions and minor annoyances. Also let’s be honest one of the best things about the manbun is the female response to the hairstyle, they love it.

manbun styles

Tips to maintain your Manbun

Conditioner Ensure you invest in a conditioner best suited for your hair type. This will help detangle your knots, add moisture and shine which sets your manbun up for success.

Comb Daily Combing should be a part of your daily routine anyway; however we need to ensure the foundation is in place which is why we comb to remove knots, tangles and frizz.

Give it a BreakYes you heard right, give it a break! We’d even go as far to say this is the most important tip, hence why it’s in BOLD! Wearing your hair in a bun daily can cause breakage from hair bands thus making hair weaker. We like to wear our manbun for an occasion not daily!



Shoulder Length

During an interview with the people’s sports podcast George Kittle revealed that he hadn’t cut his hair in 2 years whilst undoing his manbun.

shoulder length hair

A result of his long hair can be seen during game days as George Hair occasionally pokes out of his helmet.

His long hair can’t be missed at this point and is just apart of his image now!

long hair

Crew Cut

During the earlier phase of his career around 2013 and 2016 we see George in a conservative hairstyle.

crew cut

For most players short hair is practical and less time consuming which is why this is the most sought after option however players are also willing to try something new to add to their image.

Did we love Georges Crew cut? Yes we did, however we love his long hair even more but both work for him.

buzz and crew cut

The great thing about the crew cut is its versatility. Game days, business meetings, weekends, or any public appearances your good to go.

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