The Best Shaq Hair Moments (Gallery)

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All viral Shaq hair moments have resulted in praise, criticism, scrutiny and if were honest sometimes warranted trolling by sports media and forums.

Our editorial details everything from whether Shaq is truly bald, his receding hairline as well as his hairstyle during the initial phases of his career, how things have changed!

Is Shaq Bald?

Simply put Shaq is not completely bald though he has experienced some form of male pattern baldness in the form of a receding hairline.

Is Shaq Bald?

This is a common condition that affects many men as they age, leading to hair loss primarily at the temples and crown of the head.

Shaq Hair Line

In Shaq’s case, it has rendered his hairline quite prominently, giving him a distinctive look which has become a part of his personal brand.

Prior to his appearance on the pregame show most believed Shaq was bald since that was his most consistent look on TV, that is until he lost a Bet To Dwyane Wade who made him regrow his hair.

Shaq Hair Line

Take any image of Shaq during the 90s and make the comparison to his look today, we can really see just how much his hairline has receded.

Shaq Hair with receding hairline

As the hairline recedes, his forehead appears to be larger or wider, due to the increasing gap between the eyebrows and the hairline.

Buzz Cut

In the early stages of his career Shaq would usually sport a very short buzz cut or bald head whilst we saw Kobe with Hair during their time as team mates.

shaq hair in a buzz cut during the 90s

Athletes within the NBA tend to go with the buzz cut due to it being quick and easy to maintain as opposed to maintaining longer hair, allowing them to focus more on their training and performance.

Also we must remember during 90s basketball there wasn’t a large representation of flamboyant hairstyles, that is until we saw Allen Iverson sporting braids in 2001.

The influence of this moment can be seen on Kawhi Leonard Hair, Carmelo Anthony braids and Anthony Davis braids to name a few.

Prior to that it was the strict conventional buzz cut styles that ruled the court and was the uniform look, and to be fair Shaq’s size was drawing all the attention anyway.

Shaq Hair in a Small Afro

Any image that lives on the internet of shaqs hair in an afro is a very rare image, simply due to the athlete mostly alternating between the buzz cut and bald head.

The Afro in the NBA played a pivotal role in establishing a connection between sports and cultural identity. It became a symbol of defiance and pride, which black players have made evident.

Bald Head in NBA 2K

Talk about perfecting an athletes likeness! What better way to capture the intricate details of the big man that keeping him bald with a big beard in NBA 2K.

bald head in nba 2k

Each and every year the brilliant minds at EA Sports come together to create the most realistic graphics of each athlete! If you pay attention to the details you can even see sweat spurting out from his bald scalp!

Why are Many NBA Athletes Bald?

Baldness seems to be a recurring theme among NBA athletes, Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have all sported the bald look during their careers, I mean the list goes on and on.

The prevalence of baldness in the NBA could be attributed to a combination of genetics and lifestyle.

High levels of physical stress and exhaustive training regimes could potentially accelerate hair loss.

 Additionally, the constant running and sweating could make maintaining hair cumbersome, leading many to opt for a more manageable bald or closely shaved look.

 Furthermore, the association of baldness with experience and wisdom could be appealing to athletes in a sport where mental strength is crucial.

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