Kawhi Leonard Hair (Detailed Look)

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At this point in time it’s almost impossible to think about NBA players with cornrows without Kawhi Leonard hair not coming to mind.

With his basketball-hawking abilities, he’s been dubbed the “Klaw” or “Claw,” earning him 7 All-Defensive Team nominations and the 2015 and 2016 Defensive Player awards. Putting his accomplishments aside his hair continues to be the focus on social media, so much so that the internet went crazy under the pretence that he cut his hair.


Kawhi Leonard hair (Signature Cornrows)

kawhi leonard hair

Cornrows to Kawhi is what the bald head is to Michael Jordan in the sense that he has become synonymous with the look.

There are multiple examples of basketball players who enter the game as a rookie with one particular hairstyle and throughout the years become much more experimental, steph curry hair is a perfect example of this. Kawhi however has continued with his trademark look from the first moment he stepped on the court to now.

kawhi leonard cornrows

Gone are the days of uniform looks on the court, today we are graced with players with braids, tattoos and sneaker deals.

This is largely a result of the basketball players becoming much more comfortable and finding their personal style.

In addition to this, cornrows are no longer considered ghetto fashion, it’s now a mainstream hairstyle which is often time seen on fans just as much as players.

kawhi leonard hair



Kawhi Leonard hair in cornrows is the result of a dependable hair-braiding specialist who understands how to make the player look great in his signature look. Outside of standing out this is also a great protective hairstyle for games on the court.

Kawhi, who has worn those cornrows from when he was still in high school, through college at San Diego State University, and now several years playing in the National Basket Association is often seen of season with the same hairstyle. I mean talk about consistency.

In the middle 60s, the afro haircut became fashionable in the American landscape, and superstars such as Bill Walton, Wes Unseld, Artis Gilmore, and even Julius Erving made it renowned in the NBA, today its braids, dreads and cornrows. How times have changed.



Off Scalp Braids

off scalp braids

off scalp braids

While Kawhi Leonard’s hair is mostly in cornrows, it is important to note that he has also braided his hair off his scalp from time to time. Which creates a different look for him, I mean at this point any hairstyle outside of his cornrows creates a different look for him.

Off scalp braids styles are braids that are placed directly away from the scalp. He is mostly seen with this hairstyle off season. If he were to wear his hair this way on court we imagine the interference as hair would cover his face and eyes, therefore its best for cornrows to be worn during game time.

Harm to hair strands can produce frizz, which is why what’s an off scalp plait preserving the hair from damage is so important. Hair coloring may produce frizzy hair since it is applied to wet hair. There are several causes of frizzy hairs, and you must discover which one is the root of the problem.



The 2017 Misconception

Kawhi Leonard cut hair

Did Kawhi Leonard Really Cut Off His Braids? Was the question being asked back in 2017 when an old photo hit social media of Kawhi with short hair and it had the internet going crazy, thinking he cut his hair.

Kawhi Leonard appeared to have shaved his cornrows but this was just the result of an old photo coming back into the limelight!

We have seen him since with his same traditional cornrows which we don’t envision him cutting any time soon!


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