Carmelo Anthony Braids (Detailed Look)

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Currently with 19 seasons under his belt and counting, we have witnessed multiple different hairstyles from the athlete. Drafted in 2003 he quickly made a name for himself whilst sporting his signature “Carmelo Anthony Braids” which happened to be cornrows styled in multiple ways.

Carmelo cut his braids back in 2009 and regrew them during 2021 which had the world excited for nothing more than the nostalgic feeling it gave fans as we remembered his rookie days! Today the veteran can be seen sporting his braids in multiple ways.


Carmelo Anthony Braids & Hair Throughout the Years

carmelo anthony braids throughout the years


Since the moment he embraced us with his skills on the court we saw Carmelo styling his cornrows each week!

A quick archive search for the term “carmelo anthony 2003” and results will appear of Carmelo signature cornrows.



Having kept his hair in braids we saw Carmelo seek out a different look and transition into the buzz cut.

We saw melo play on the court with his new haircut for over a decade until he decided to regrow his braids.



Nothing screams nostalgia more than seeing your favourite athlete in their signature hairstyle and for Carmelo this means his signature braids.

Back in 2021 he revealed his look via his social media accounts which had the fans excited again!



Carmelo Anthony Braids in 2021 Gallery

From the images below its evident that Carmelo Anthony continuously styles his braids in multiple ways. Whilst there are multiple utility benefits for styling hair this way it also looks great, proven by the athlete. Take a look below

side braids

cornrows 2022

protective hairstyles

protective hairstyles


Carmelo Anthony Braids in NBA 2K

carmelo anthony in nba 2k

As time progresses game developers become much more advanced with capturing realistic graphics of athletes. NBA 2K captured an accurate facial structure of Carmelo along with his braids and other hairstyles.  

Other athletes in the game of basketball have also had realistic features and current hairstyles developed, James Harden Hair being a great example of this.



Key Take Away: Maintenance!

Inspired by the Carmelo Anthony Braids gallery? Wanting to achieve the same results? Keep on reading

Whether it be braids, twists or cornrows each requires the upmost care and to ensure this is implemented in your routine we have listed the most important parts of the process. This is not complicated at all, just requires discipline, ensure you

  • Oil your scalp
  • Keep them in for a maximum of 6 weeks
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity
  • Moisturise your Hair


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