The Best and Worst James Conner Haircut Moments

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In 6 NFL seasons the James Conner haircut has been no stranger to praise, criticism, scrutiny and if were honest sometimes warranted trolling.

These hairstyles have included his,

  • Mullet Haircut
  • Mohawk
  • Burst Fade
  • Crew Cut with Fade

Our editorial will take a deep dive into the most iconic hairstyles throughout the years as well as the one which had the sports world in a frenzy, yeah you know the one were on about!

Here are the Best and Worst James Conner Haircut Moments

Mullet Haircut

Verdict – Fail

The year is 2018, new recruit James joins the Pittsburgh Steelers during training camp but it’s not his skill that gets the world talking, it’s his unconventional mullet!

James Conner Haircut in a mullet

In what can only be described as business in the front, creative in the middle and party in the back, this haircut ranks as one of the most bizarre styles in the NFL.

Haircut in a Mullet

The creative boundaries were pushed evidently and social media largely trolled him for his efforts to stand out whilst some fans appreciated the look and replicated it.

By our standard were going to fail this haircut. While we can appreciate the need to be creative there certainly other hairstyles to choose from, sorry James.

I mean we haven’t seen him style his hair this way ever since, I think he’d agree with us on this!

James Conner Haircut in a Mohawk

Verdict – Pass 😊

Spoiler alert, every hairstyle moving forward is now a Pass!

James Conner Haircut in a Mohawk

With that being said, take a look at the mohawk which is not only a creative hairstyle but one which compliments his overall face.

Not only are his mohawk complimentary, they are also versatile enough to be worn on both short and long hair.

mohawk hairstyles

By extension of this hairstyle is the contrast it creates between the sides and top of his head which then brings more attention to his healthy jet black hair on top.

Yes traditionally the mohawk was favoured by punk sub cultures who went against conservative formal looks, today however its seen amongst athletes and entertainers as the norm.

Burst Fade with Mohawk

Verdict – Pass 😊

The beauty of the burst fade lies in its ability to be multipurpose, photoshoots, game days, formal gatherings and press releases, James has appeared in all settings with this style.

Burst Fade

The semi-circle shape tapered around the ear is what creates the distinctive look and differentiates itself from other hairstyles we have seen.

Optionally you are free to use product to add added volume and movement to the top of your hair. Any texturizing product further enhances the contrast making your burst fade look sharper!

The style is also known as the south of France haircut which is one of the trademark Usher Haircut looks.

Crew Cut/Buzz Cut with Fade

Verdict – Pass 😊

When it comes to the most consistent style amongst men of all ages and races we have to give it to the crew cut and buzz cut, a true style that has transcended time.

James Conner Hair in a crew cut

Minimal look, low maintenance and can be worn for all occasions whilst also drawing a large focus to his jawline, I mean nothing communicates masculinity and power better!

To further compliment the look we have seen James taper off the sides which further enhances the look!

Key Take Away: Don’t be scared to try New Styles

Yes we think his mullet hairstyle is bizarre and outrageous, yet it got the world talking, why? because he was bold enough to try something new.

So we won’t be bias against that style, in fact we will do the opposite and tell you to find a creative style unique to you, doesn’t have to be as crazy as his mullet.

Here’s what you do!

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    You need as much reference points to see which one suits you best. This means growing your hair out and styling it different ways.

  • Use the Right Products
    Select the best products for your hair type and desired result, whether that be more volume, texture, shine or spike.

  • Invest in Hair Accessories
    Clips, hair scarves or head bands, whatever your choice, these today are all considered fashionable ensemble.

It’s not common we see male NFL players with hair accessories, Justin Herbert Hair is the perfect example of this!

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