The Best 50 Cent Beard Moment (Gallery)

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Our editorial visually demonstrates all 50 Cent Beard moments since his start in music and film which range from his,

  • Goatee
  • Chin Strap
  • Stubble
  • Full Beard

As well as a recording artist we have seen 50’s beard be congruent to movie role characters he’s played so the list above is both out of his own personal choice and to fit the image of his character.

50 Cent Beard Gallery ( All Bearded Looks)


One of the more rare styles from 50 but one he has styled in the past, the goatee. It’s the foundation for his chin strap as well as its own style.

50 Cent Beard in a goatee

It’s well-suited for 50 since he’s in corporate environments, interviews, music videos and formal occasions.

Lesson in there, pick a beard style that works seamlessly in all environments to navigate and do business.

I mean its probably unlikely to get taken serious anyway with a monkey tail beard right?

Chin Strap

One of the most distinctive bearded looks on 50 is his chin strap since this as well as his goatee both expose his bullet wound where he was shot in the mouth.

50 Cent Beard in chin strap

Since hair is significantly reduced on the sides it means exposure to his wound, sometimes if he’s portraying a character with no wound he will grow his beard.

This distinct look involves facial hair that follows the jawline and extends from ear to ear. Another example of this in Hip Hop would be Ice Cube Beard without the wound of course.


If there’s one thing we know for certain it’s that 50 makes heavy stubble one of his trademarks. This is often the result of shaving his full beard & wanting a different look.


The beauty of stubble is that it’s the foundation to various other bearded styles. The stubble can be tailored to fit different jawlines, chin shapes, and facial contours.

50’s personal barber Lite makes sure to always have his stubble neat and crisp whether that be on movie sets, on tour or tv/music promo.

Its not 50 who should be getting all the credit, it’s his barber Lite!

Full Beard

The full beard is a look that 50 Cent has embraced, often in congruence with the movie roles he has played, anyone remember Kanan from Power!

50 cent full beard

In addition to this his role in “Den of Thieves,” for instance, his full beard added a layer of intensity and toughness.

The full beard complements his on-screen persona whilst simultaneously reinforcing his personal image of a rugged determined individual.

The full beard has become a versatile expression of masculinity that knows no boundaries, I mean we have a whole list of rappers with beards to prove it.

Full Beard Side View

At the side view angle were able to really see his jawline gets a boost from the beard, enhancing its definition.

beard trim

Again thanks to 50s barber Lite, Precise trimming and shaping ensures the beard follows his jaw natural contours, which is also appreciated from the side angle.

Here’s How to Maintain a Beard

Whether you’re struggling to grow a beard like, have stubble or a full beard all stages of facial hair follow the same principles below.

Regular Grooming

Setting a routine is important as this is what will keep your grooming habits a part of your lifestyle.

Use a good quality beard trimmer to maintain an even length and shape.

Nourish and Hydrate

It’s very easy to forget the skin under your facial hair as its not exposed as it used to be. Ensure your hydrating this area.

This not only prevents itchiness but also tames any unruly strands.

Massage beard oil into your beard and skin for that extra dose of care oh and ensure the beard oil doesn’t irritate you. I found out the hard way when I used castor oil.

Comb and Brush

Regularly comb or brush your beard to distribute natural oils, prevent tangles, and give it a neat appearance.

When you’re aiming for a big, full beard, these tools are your best friends. Just remember, gentle strokes are the way to go – treat your beard like the treasure it is!

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