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The power of images is its ability to mark time, therefore when we see Woody Harrelson with hair we can reference this period as the 80s or mid-90s.

Prior to his shaven bald head we were introduced to woody with wavy blonde locks that became a defining part of his image.

In addition to this some of his biggest roles include the actor with a full set of hair which would explain the interest around these archive photos.

Woody Harrelson with Hair Throughout the Years

Mid 80s

At the age of 24 Woody made his debut on the TV show Cheers which ran from 85 to 1993 and this featured the actor with a full set of hair.

Woody Harrelson with Hair in the 80s

The promo photo for the TV series shows some receding hairline but with no thinning of the crown. At this stage were able to see Woody have more hairstyles done.

In addition to the promo photos for the show we saw him make various public appearances from interviews, or red carpet appearances in combovers and messy quiffs.

Early 90s

Towards his 30s we start to notice his receding hairline become more apparent which is something most men experience as they age. Lets give you an example.

Woody Harrelson with Hair in the 90s

A similar trajectory can be seen on Stone Cold with Hair around the same time before shaving his head for his trademark bald look. Stone Cold also being in his 30s

In 1992 we see Woody take on one of his most notable roles, White Men cant jump and whilst in the movie he had on the infamous cap at the premiere we clearly see the M shape hairline beginning to form deeper.

Mid 90s

One of the most distinctive hairstyles can be seen on Woody during the mid 90s thanks to the movie money train. In this we see his hair at shoulder length.

What’s even more interesting is that at this length his receding hairline is much more apparent and his hair is mostly brushed back and thicker.

Men with receding hairlines tend to mask it with shorter styles. With shorter hair, there is typically less contrast between the hairline, long hair on the other hand creates a stark contrast between the length of the hair and the hairline, making any receding or thinning more noticeable.

Late 90s (Shaved Bald for Play it to the Bone)

The year is 1999 and we get a glimpse into a bald head Woody Harrelson as he plays a boxer in the movie play it to the bone.

The decision to give him a bald head helps to visually emphasize the ruggedness and toughness associated with his profession.

Changing appearances for movie roles is essential for actors as it enables them to transform into their characters and enhance the visual storytelling.

For example Michael B Jordan Hair placed in locs for his role as Erik Killmonger in black panther or Sebastian Stan’s Long Hair for his role as Bucky Barnes.

Mid 2000s

During the mid-2000s we see his crown frontal area as he makes various public appearances which is different to his debut look, Woody Harrelson with hair is no more.

thinning frontal area

As the hair follicles within the frontal area become less active by producing fewer strands the scalp becomes more visible, creating a clear contrast between the thinning crown and the surrounding hair this is something we see here.

Bald Head Today

Today there’s not a best bald actors list that Woody doesn’t appear on!

Woody Harrelson with a bald head

We should point out that whilst Woody is not completely bald he chooses to have his entire head cut since it looks better.

There are many different versions and stages of male pattern baldness, in his case he still has the ability to grow hair out on the sides but he chooses to have to all down.

This is why we stated the actor gave us a glimpse into his future but most importantly his reality when he had it shaved in 1999’s movie Play it to the bone!

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