Pitbull with Hair (Detailed Look and Gallery)

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Certain moments on the web create virality instantly and break the internet, Pitbull with Hair seemed to be one of those moments.

What started as a joke quickly gained attention of the masses and our editorial takes a deep dive into the whole situation.

Pitbull With Long Hair on TikTok (Fake)

A Tiktok user Anh Nguyen used A.I technology which allows you to add hair and beards to still images onto Pitbull which started the trend and had fans appreciating the look.

Pitbull with fake hair

To date the video has reached over 1.6 million views with thousands of comments stating Pitbull should consider growing his hair based on how hot he looked on the A.I generated images.

Pitbull With Long Hair

The Tiktok inspired various other users to test multiple different images of him with and without hair as you can see below.


The Commentary on the Video

The comment section was filled with praise and compliments which we have highlighted below,

“Ain’t Mr. Worldwide anymore. That’s Mr. Universal,”

“That ain’t Pitbull that’s Husky,”

“Forget about your boyfriend and meet Pitbull with hair at the hotel room”

Safe to say Pitbull with Hair is a yes amongst the ladies, actually it’s a big Yes.


Pitbull with Hair in Braids (Real)

Prior to his status as one of the world’s most famous bald rappers and singers Pitbull did indeed have long hair which were placed in braids.

pitbull with braids

Footage of Pitbull can be seen from 2001 which features him in braids which were cut by the mid-2000s as he began to change his musical style and direction for Pop.

white rappers with braids

It’s only a natural occurrence that we have a large variety of rappers with Braids since Hip Hop Culture is Black Culture thus resulting in black hairstyles.

Embracing Baldness

Not only has Pitbull embraced his baldness but he has been credited by John Travolta who stated inspired him to shave it all off, Video linked below.


Let’s be honest hair is associated with youth which is why men continue to hold on for dear life to any signs of hair once male baldness takes place.

When rappers such as Pitbull come along and embrace the look it inspires men across the world to shave their head and embrace the new look.

How to Manage a Bald Head

There’s a misconception around baldness which is that men won’t need to care for their hair or lack thereof which simply isn’t true.

Men will still need to ensure the proper care for their head for the ultimate shine, polish and smoothness.

These will include,

  • Cleanse
    We all know that our heads produce oil and sweat throughout the day which will therefore require a cleanse. This is the simplest step which requires you to accomplish this in the shower with a good product.
  • Exfoliate
    It’s critical to exfoliate before shaving to remove the layer of dead skin.
  • Shave
    Everyman will be different when it comes to the shave, some men prefer to self-shave by using oil and massaging in to make softer, others prefer to visit the barber.
  • Moisturize
    Whilst most moisturizers will work its best to select products which have the best ingredients that are organic and kind to your skin.
  • Protect
    Being bald means your scalp is much more exposed than someone with hair therefore you will need to ensure your head is covered and that’s simple.

    Make sure you have on a hat on cold days to not only keep warm but to protect your scalp and use SPF cream on your head on sunny days or whilst on holiday.


Check GQ’s 10 Rules for Caring for a Shaved Head which includes a great amount of product, oil and shaving tools.