The Best Kai Havertz Haircut Moments on the Field

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Athletes continue to receive extensive media coverage both on and off the field which would explain the interest around the Kai Havertz Haircut.

Haircuts draw just as much attention as actual skill which speaks to the interest around his hair and grooming habits. So of the best kai Havertz hairstyles include his

  • French Crop
  • Ceaser Hair
  • Black Hair & Blonde Tips
  • Crew cut with Fade
  • Textured Cut with Fade
  • Messy Curls

Our editorial covers all Kai Havertz haircut styles with a gallery

Kai Havertz’s Hair Type

Havertz has what can be classified as medium-thickness hair characterized by a voluminous and textured appearance.

Kai Havertz Hair Type

His hair also tends toward the wavy nature, lending an air of rugged handsomeness to his overall look.

This natural wave, coupled with medium thickness, provides a perfect canvas for various hairstyles that require body and texture.

Kai Havertz Haircut: A Glimpse at His Iconic Styles

French Crop

French Crop is among the simplest yet sophisticated hairstyles that Havertz has ever worn.

Kai Havertz Haircut in a french crop

At its core, his hairstyle is defined by the short hair on the back and side while a little bigger than on the top, making it both contemporary and timeless.

This particular hairstyle suits Havetz’s face cut and features perfectly. His jawline and cheekbone become more prominent, giving his appearance an extra touch of elegance. Moreover, the simplicity of the hairstyle allows his piercing eyes to shine.

What’s more, the French Crop is a low-maintenance haircut that doesn’t requires a tone of styling, making it perfect for someone who spends more time in the field than in the dressing room.

Havertz’s version of the French Crop is slightly textured, adding a sense of movement and liveliness to his heart. Though simple, the French Crop demonstrates Havertz’s understated approach to fashion and grooming.

This hairstyle reflects Havertz’s belief that the style shouldn’t overshadow substance but rather complement it.

The French Crop is a testament to this ethos, as it doesn’t detract from his prowess on the pitch but instead underscores his identity as a formidable player with a keen sense of personal style.

Caesar Hair

Kai Havertz’s take on the classic Caesar hair is a perfect example of how to make a Caesar haircut contemporary.

Kai Havertz Haircut in a caesar cut

Characterized by short, horizontal cut bangs, the Caesar hairstyle is usually worn with a uniform hair length throughout the head. However, Havertz adds a personalized touch to add his rendition of this timeless style.

Havertz’s Caesar hair is a perfect combination of minimalism and edge. While keeping the signature fringe of the Caesar, he added the subtle fade to add a modern touch to this spin to this otherwise classic haircut. These little tweaks not only add depth but also enhance his strong facial features.

One of the significant features of this Caesar hairstyle is its low maintenance. It requires less styling, a great benefit for Havertz’s active life. Yet, despite its simplicity, Caesar speaks about Havertz’s sense of blending tradition and modernity.

Crew Cut with Fade

Being both practical and trendy, the crew cut with fade is a staple for many athletes, and Kai Havertz’s is no exception.

Crew Cut with Fade

Havertz’s rendition of the classic crew cut is given a fresh twist with a perfectly executed fade, merging functionality with style.

The crew cut is characterized by short hair on the top and even shorter on the sides, making it a sleek and clean appearance. This simple hairstyle makes it easy to maintain and style that fits perfectly with the dynamic lifestyle of Havertz on and off the pitch.

This fades, skillfully tempering from a denser top to almost bare skin near the ear, adding an extra layer of finesse to the otherwise simple haircut. The gradient effect of fade gives it a more stylish hairstyle by providing depth and a proper structure, making it just more than an ordinary haircut.

Havertz regularly coupled this haircut with well-groomed stubble, striking a perfect balance between polished and rugged. This style combined the straightforward playing style and his refined fashion sense, proving once again that classics never go out of style.

Textured Cut with Fade

While the textured cut with fade is about simplicity and clean lines, the Kai Havertz haircut is about depth, dimensions, and a sense of casual rebellion.

Textured Cut with Fade

This look goes hand in hand with Havertz’s audacious youthful charm and bold playing style.

In the textured cut, the hair is choppy and layered, providing a unique shape and feel. The textured cur added volume and movement to the kai Hartaz, perfectly aligning with his energetic gameplays.

The fade, a subtle but noticeable detail, makes the textured cut even more interesting. By gradually decreasing the hair from top to bottom, the fade brings a great sense of visual contrast and an additional touch of edginess to the overall look.

Messy Curls

Nothing captures Kai Havertz’s free-spirited nature quite like his messy curls and hairstyles.

messy curls

This curl represents his dynamism, individuality, and a certain wild charm that set him apart from the crowd.

The messy curls hairstyle is Havertz’s signature look, perfect for his thick, voluminous hair. His curls are natural, wild, and full of life, much like his gameplays.

This carefree hairstyle can be seen on both athletes and musicians, Jack Harlow Hair being a prime example of this.

What makes this hairstyle even more compelling is that it looks effortless, spontaneous, and completely natural. The curls are not overly defined or sculpted; instead, they appear as if Havertz has just stepped out of bed – a “just-woke-up-like-this” vibe.

While messy curls seem simple, it demands attention. The curls are a visual delight, drawing the eyes toward Havertz, making it impossible to ignore him.

How to Get a Kai Havertz Haircut?

So if you’re a fan of a Kai Havertz haircut and want to get a similar look, the process is pretty straightforward, and Here’s the guide to help you get it done with ease.

Hair Assessment

First, assess your hair type. Is it curly, wavy, or simply straight? Are they have volume or not? Havertz’s hairstyles, while verstaline in style, are often well-suited to slightly wavy hair. If your hair type isn’t naturally similar, some styles may require more upkeep and special hair products.

Choose the Right Hairstyle

Now, you have a clear idea of the hair you have. It’s time to go through Kai Havertz haircuts and choose one that resonates with your personal styles and suits your facial features. Always pick a style that fits your personality because a style that looks good on Havertz may not necessarily look good on you due to differences in face shape, hair texture, and overall style.

Get the Right Cut

Once you’ve selected a style, the next step is to get the right cut. A professional barber or stylist who understands the style you’re aiming for is key. Show them pictures of the hairstyle, and they can tailor the cut to best suit your hair type and face shape.

Maintain the Style

It’s always important to maintain your hair when it’s come to mimicking Havertz’s hair. Depending on the chosen style, this might mean regular trimming, conditioning, or the use of specific hair products.

For instance, a slick back style would require a good quality pomade for the right hold and shine, while a curly undercut would benefit from a curl-enhancing cream or gel.

Adopting Kai Havertz’s haircut means more than just sporting a new hairstyle. It’s about adopting a part of his footballer style and charisma and incorporating it into your personal brand.