Sebastian Stan Long Hair (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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Marvel studios creates alternative universes, we latch onto characters that appeal to us most and everything about them, in this case its Sebastian Stan Long Hair as Bucky!

There are many variations of his long hair style which include,

  • Bucky Barnes Variation
  • Above Shoulder Length
  • Slicked Backed Ponytail

Having been credited in over 60 TV and Film projects it’s his performance in captain America which got the world excited as he’s brought back to life with a new look.

Here are all variations of Sebastian Stan Long Hair

Bucky Barnes Variation

The reintroduction of Bucky Barnes meant a new look, clean stubble, mental armour and of course his signature long hair. New Look, New Demeanour.  

Sebastian Stan Long Hair as bucky barnes

It quickly becomes apparent that his new role is in support of his new mission which is to murder Howard and Maria Stark and that means dark hair!

Sebastian Stan Long Hair in the 2014 movie adds a new mystique and appeal behind the character and one which is congruent to his new nature.

Brunette, layered and wavy are the focus of his hair and something the audience gets to see flow in his action-packed scenes! WE LOVE IT!

Above Shoulder Length

Prior to the release of 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier we began to see Sebastian growing out his hair in support of the role.

Above Shoulder Length

Most of the images of him outside the set featured his hair just above his shoulders which would suggest extensions were added to give it more length.

During this period we also see the actor styling his hair in multiple ways such as combing it backwards or having a side quiff at front.

Slicked Backed Ponytail

Even between movie sets its business as usual, award shows, interviews and public releases all form a part of an actor’s schedule which explains the sophisticated ponytail.

Sebastian Stan Long Hair in ponytail

Hair being left down may feel like he’s on set therefore the minor change of placing it in a ponytail makes all the difference.

In addition to this we see him use a small amount of gel to further lay it down and give it a nice clean finish.

How to Slick your Hair Back

The short version below for guys looking for a quick fix, read below.

  1. Invest in a high-quality pomade. This can either be oil based or water based.
  2. Ensure hair is damp and begin to comb hair backwards.
  3. Apply product and continue combing thoroughly!
  4. Finish with light weight spray

The long version here – for guys wanting all intricate details around how to slick back your hair.

Extended Gallery

Sebastian Stan hair gallery


Did Sebastian Stan grow his hair for Bucky?

Yes Sebastian grew out his hair for the role of Bucky Baines and this began several months before filming.

In an Instagram post he shared a post of the hair and make up process which involved the use of extensions being placed in his hair to make it longer.

Did Sebastian Stan grow his hair for Bucky?

How did Sebastian Stan grow his hair?

Sebastian grew his hair through several practices to ensure it was long enough for filming which included regular trims, good nutrition, taking vitamins and exercise.

Essentially hair growth is all natural which doesn’t need much human help, however there are things we can do to retain more hair and reduce breakage.

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