The Best Michael b Jordan Haircut Moments

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By extension of his rise to fame and notoriety we’ve seen a growing interest around the Michael B Jordan haircut, especially since he was crowned 2020’s worlds sexiest man!

These haircut styles have included his,

  • Buzz Cut
  • Buzz Cut Fade
  • Afro
  • Afro Fade
  • Braided Manbun
  • Faux Locs

Our editorial will cover his signature haircut as well as the hairstyles he has alternated between for the portrayal of his movie characters.

The Best Michael b Jordan Haircut Moments

Buzz Cut

The consistency of the buzz cut is what makes this his signature style. He will often alternate between 1 level across his entire head and faded sides.

Within his 1st television role Wallace in the wire a teenage Michael B Jordan can be seen with cornrows only to be swapped for a simple buzz cut as an adult.

This Michael b Jordan haircut has worked for the various movies he’s featured in such as Creed, Just Mercy & Fahrenheit 451.

The buzz cut is short, simple, and practical which is why it works when he’s portraying a boxer, lawyer or firefighter.

buzz cut in different movies

In all of the above professions men tend to opt for a simpler grooming routine which the buzz cut allows for!

Buzz Cut Fade (With Waves)

The buzz cut is a classic haircut, and we can all agree on that, now what makes it a modern classic is the addition of the fade and 360 waves.

Michael b Jordan Haircut in waves

Not only will Michael B Jordan have his hair styled in the buzz cut but he will also add waves and fades to add unique elements to it.

A subtle temple fade creates a contrast between the top of his head and sides which brings attention to the overall look.

His waves are achieved using a Durag and brushing hair in a directional pattern. Here’s how to get waves like Michael B Jordan


In the run to filming black panther we began to see Michael grow out his afro which would be used to install his faux locs.

His afro above is medium sized and dense which creates the foundation for other protective styles we saw him do such as his braided manbun.

In addition to this within American culture the afro is viewed as a symbol of freedom of any oppression against black people as well as a stance for equality.

Whys that important here? During a Black Lives Matter protest in LA we saw the actor purposely have his afro out as a symbol for black justice and black lives.

So whilst it’s a style with is heavily admired and the foundation for many hairstyles its also used to communicate political stances!

Afro Fade

With his afro growing out to medium length we see the actor having his sides shaven to create a contrast look.

Michael b Jordan Haircut with fade

The temple fade is subtle, small, and slightly above the ear but changes a person’s entire appearance, especially those with afro hair.

To complete this look his ends were twisted with the use of a sponge and this style is available to those with coily hair.

To achieve a similar look as above you’ll need to purchase a hair sponge, slightly dampen hair with a spitz or rose water, rotate sponge in a circular motion across your head.

Braided Manbun

As his afro got thicker we were able to see him place it in protective styles to further help retain its length and thicken it in the process.

Michael b Jordan hair in braids

Since Afro hair is more prone to breakage and dryness protective styles help prevent these since theirs less pulling, tugging and daily manipulation.

Hair shaved on the sides with a bun at the tail end of his head makes this one of the most unique Michael b Jordan hairstyles since its not everyday we see this on him.

The best protective hairstyles are low maintenance and something that makes life easier for the hair and makeup crew on set, just his makeup needs doing.

Not to mention that braided manbuns can last up to 6-8 weeks!

Faux Locs

His portrayal of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther meant the installation of faux locs in order to be congruent with his character.

Faux Locs

The foundations for this was his afro hair and that his faux locs were interweaved into his natural hair. Taking a closer look, we saw his locs braided backwards beside Giannis Antetokounmpo Hair in his signature afro twisted fade.

twisted afro and faux locs

He would have his hair placed in locs throughout 2017 when filming began. We can also see his sides shaved which gave him high top dreads in the movie.

Take it from me I have locs and their long, but it took me 2 years to get to shoulder length, the movie studio didn’t have that time, therefore it was going to be faux locs.

The creation of the Wakanda African identity is used throughout the actor’s hair within the film, afros, braids, and dreads are used throughout.

Extended Gallery

Michael b Jordan Haircut in buzz cut
black men buzz cut ideas


What type of haircut does Michael B Jordan have?

Michael B Jordans signature haircut is the buzz cut with faded sides which essentially is a short haircut that has been achieved with the use of clippers.

Hair is cut short around the entire head at one level with contrasting sides as a fade.

What is Killmonger hairstyle called?

In the movie black panther Killmongers hairstyle is called high top dreadlocks.

Was Killmonger hair real?

Killmonger is a fictional character portrayed by Michael B Jordan and his hair in the movie was not real.

His hair was faux locs, which are either synthetic or human hair that was intertwined into his afro to create the look.

Key Take Away: Have a Signature Look

While MJB continues to navigate throughout Hollywood having different hairstyles for contrasting characters he continues to revert to the buzz cut.

The consistency of this makes it his signature look!

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    Only through trial and error can you identify your signature haircut, therefore you will need to see what works best. It may be the buzz cut or twisted afro fade.

  • Consistency
    Selecting the haircut is the 1st part, consistency is the 2nd which is vital if you want to make it your signature look. So, when you find out what works it ensures you maintain it over a long period of time.  

  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type.

    For those of you with afro textured hair make sure to purchase a durag and brush if you want the buzz cut with 360 waves or good conditioner and daily moisturizer should you be going for a twisted afro look.

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