Wiz Khalifa Dreads (Detailed Look)

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Wiz Khalifa dreads are a result of patience, great maintenance and years of learning what’s best suited for his dreads and hair type with regards to product, colour and styling.

In 2022 rappers with dreads continues to be one of the most popular hairstyles in Hip Hop as we often see a trend of artists sporting the afro then transitioning over to dreads. This is the case for Wiz Khalifa.

The majority of the masses will remember his black and yellow phase in which he dyed a portion of his hair yellowish blonde to promote the song and video. Today Wiz Khalifa Dreads are his style of choice which feature long thick locs down to his shoulder.

Our editorial will take a deeper look at his dreads and how they formed over the years.

When & How did Wiz Khalifa Dreads start?

Wiz Khalifa Dreads start

When: His dreads journey began in early 2013 as we can see through his documented archives online. To date he has been growing his hair for 9+ years and we don’t see him showing any signs of slowing down.


How: Due to Wiz Khalifa’s hair type being a 4B (Afro textured kinky hair) we can see he began his dreads in the traditional comb coil method. As they began to grow and mature his twists would form into dreads as we know them today.

Detailed Video Look

We have linked a video from Great locs who does a great job detailing each stage of Wiz’s hair journey.

Taking a closer look we can see that some of his dreads were breaking off which called for him to cut the ends so the rest of his hair was healthy. Have a watch!

Wiz Khalifa Dreads in Colour (Image Gallery + Review)

For many Hip Hop Fans this phase was legendary, for Wiz? Not so much. Having had multiple locs damaged by constant dye and constant bleaching he tweeted back in 2019 that he would never put dye in his hair again, and has stuck by his word. See below

i will never dye my hair again

wiz colorful dreads

wiz colorful dreads

So what’s so damaging about dye to your dreads?

Manipulating your hairs natural protein structure through bleach and dye has many side effects which can compromise your hairs health such as

  • Loss of strength due to breakage (Thin ends)
  • Less ability to handle certain styles
  • Reduced hair thickness
  • Texture feels different than its original state

The hair dye process will of course be unique to each and every individual. However there will also be long and short term effects this has on dreads. This should explain why Wiz has refused to colour his hair again.

Wiz Khalifa Dreads (Image Gallery & Review)

2 Strand Twists

As discussed in our twists for men post, 2 strand twists is one of the most popular styles that can be seen on people with dreadlocks.

It’s the ideal protective style that allows you to lock in moisture while looking great. Wiz has been seen multiple times styling his hair this way.

We should mention that choosing to style your dreads this way does shorten the length due to shrinkage. However we can’t recommend this style enough!

Hair Tied Up

One of the best things you can do is to allow new growth the ability to grow without the constant twisting and styling. Once this takes place you’re able to work styles around it. This is the perfect example as Wiz can be seen with inches of new growth and to accommodate a style he simply places his dreads in a pineapple top.

Cornrow Dreads

Another style seen on the rapper are the dread cornrows in which his hair stylist can be seen braiding his dreads onto his scalp, similarly to how you would proceed with the flat twists. For anyone who wants to move dreads away from their face this is a great option.

From Gallery Images

2 strand twists

2 strand twist hairstyle

wiz photoshot

Do your research if you want similar Dreads

At this point we run the risk of sounding like a broken record as we have stated this in multiple articles, however we always advise you to do your research before making up your mind. There are multiple things to consider when doing dreads such as the parting system you will choose, as well as the different types.

Wiz Khalifa has traditional locs (medium size) with a square grid parting around his head.

Talk to a loctician and get a Consultation

We can’t stress enough the importance of talking to a Loctician. While we advise you do research online, nothing beats a specialist as you will be able to speak to someone who does this for a living, show pictures of the hair type and if you want colour they will advise when its best for you to do so.

Ensure you save the images of your desired style to your loctician and explain what you’re looking for.

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