Rappers with Dreads (With Video Breakdown)

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The influence of Jamaican culture grew at the same rate Hip Hop did which would explain Rappers with Dreads becoming common, the use of Jamaican samples in the music or dubbing and toasting over the music would later be known as rapping/emceeing.

The 1st Rapper with Dreads

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Whilst our editorial lists all the rappers that have dreadlocks in their hair we have to start with the man who did it 1st! Busta!

Dreads often time fall into different categories such as

  • Freeform
  • Semi freeform
  • Traditional

Our list contains representation of each dreadlock style as the rappers with Dreads individually have different styles. Some rappers starting with traditional locs then changing into freeform while some have maintained the traditional look throughout their entire career. Let’s dive into it!

Disclaimer: While we understand rappers are constantly changing hairstyles and cutting their hair this list includes those with Dreads today. The list will be updated according to artists cutting their Hair or starting the process to grow them.

Here are the Most Popular Rappers with Dreads

Lil Wayne

Current Style – Freeform

lil wayne dreads

Lil Wayne’s Dreads has gone through many different phases with his current hairstyle now being freeform locs.

Initially Wayne was introduced to the world of Hip Hop with cornrows, after which he transitioned into getting dreadlocks during the early 2000s.

His dreadlock process started with traditional locs which saw Wayne style his hair in many different ways from 2 strand twists to loc cornrows. With years of stress and manipulation to the scalp Wayne experienced some balding which leads us to believe his choice to freeform his hair was too style it less which would prevent more hair loss. Today he chooses to rock his dreads with blonde dye.

Snoop Dog

Current Style – Traditional

snoop dreads

Since his Debut Snoop’s hair has been a great part of his image and personal style. Throughout the years Snoop has been seen styling his hair in many different ways evident by GQ’s editorial – Snoop Dogg has the best hair game in hip hop

During 2012 Snoop went under the alias Snoop Lion in preparation for the release of his reggae album Reincarnated. Wanting to fully embrace Jamaican and Rastafarian culture Snoop began to grow his hair in Dreadlocks and travelled to Jamaica to embody the full essence of the culture. As we mentioned in the introduction, for some rappers with dreads it’s solely just a hair style, for Snoop Dog however it became a spiritual transition with deeper meaning.

If we wrote this editorial in the 2000s Snoop would have been number 1 on our Most Popular Rappers with Braids list.

2 Chainz

Current Style – Semi Freeform

2 chainz dreads

2 Chainz hair journey started off with braids which he would eventually turn into dreadlocks during 2004 – 2005. During the initial early phase 2 Chainz started his dreads the traditional way while styling it in 2 strand twists and then taking them out for a twist out curly look.

Today however 2 Chainz has semi freeform locs which appear thicker due to the combination of 2 or 3 dreads to make one dread. He also has dyed part of his dreads blonde giving it a unique look. He has had dreadlocks for over 15 years therefore he decided to trim some length off in 2020, however his hair still long.


Current Style – Traditional


We can’t forget the Migos, southern based Hip Hop group who rose to fame with the hit Versace. It’s clear and evident dreadlocks formed a part of the group image which helped fans identify them, similarly to how LOX back in the 90s all rocked the bald look. A group look and brand identity is important and the Migos have that down to a T with their dreadlocks.

So much so that at one point offset was the only rapper without dreads in the group while both Quavo and Take off had them but much shorter at the time. Today the group style their hair in multiple ways from 2 strand twists, tied up and pony tails. It’s worth mentioning Take off has the thickest dreads out of the group.

Lil Durk

Current Style – Traditional

lil durk

A common hairstyle amongst Drill rappers coming from Chicago are dreadlocks with artists such as Chief Keef, Lil Durk and Young Chop being the face of the sub-genre and look. It’s no coincidence that rappers from Chicago also producing the same music have similar hairstyles. Its apart of their culture.

For those of you unaware Lil Durk is now on his 2nd set of dreadlocks. If you remember his first appearance in music he had long dreadlocks and then had to cut them, which he details in the Vlad Interview below.

Today he keeps his dreadlocks neat, in 2 strand twists and with blonde dye.



Outside of dreads in Hip Hop braids are also a popular hairstyle, therefore we have also covered the most popular rappers with Braids

Jay- z

Current Style – Freeform

rappers with dreads - jay z

Since Jay-z’s debut in 1996 we have only been accustomed to seeing him in 2 hairstyles, 1 being low cut haircuts and the other being mini afros. Previously when jay decided to grow his hair it meant he was recording an album & after the album was done Jay would then cut his hair, begin his promo run and shoot music videos.

Fast forward to 2018 we began to see Jay-z grow his hair longer without much manipulation creating the freeform look. For Jay his locks represent freedom against society & capitalist systems, he goes on to rap about this on Meek Mill’s “Whats Free” track

“Look at my hair free, carefree, niggas ain’t near free

Enjoy your chains, what’s your employer name with the hairpiece”

Evident that these dreads aren’t just a hairstyle but more an expression of freedom

J Cole

Current Style – Freeform

j cole dreads

Cole maintained a low cut fade for the first half of his career, he then made the transition to lock his hair around 2014. This was also started with a freeform method in which we saw Cole grow his hair out into an afro while his dreads started to form.

Due to his dreads being freeform it’s easy to see that some locks are bigger than the others due to no manipulation and styling. The freeform dreads for Cole has meant a way to be true to yourself without chasing commercial success or fame. His hair is a reflection of his new musical direction. While Cole is one of the most successful artists he chooses to not focus on the fruits of his labour but rather the things that matter in life and his hair helps identify with people of the same belief system.

Lil Baby

Current Style – Traditional

lil baby

Lil Baby began his loc journey around 2019 and has maintained a neat taper fade in the front and side. He usually cornrows his dreadlocks or has them in 2 strand twists. It also appears that he prefers no colour in his hair giving it a full healthy look while they still grow at this stage.

Recently Lil Baby’s hairstylist went viral for handling the rappers dreadlocks. In an attempt to market her services Lil Babies stylist can be seen demonstrating her wash, twist and style process. Read more Lil Baby’s Hairstylist

T Pain

Current Style – Traditional

t pain

Similarly to Lil Durk, T Pain is now on his 2nd set of Dreadlocks. If you cast your mind back to 2005 when he was first introduced to the masses with hits such as I’m sprung T Pain had semi freeform dreadlocks. They were thick and long.

The decision to cut them came about from the death of his uncle. T Pain stated that he was advised by his uncle to chop off his dreadlocks in order to propel his career in a dream.

He later began to regrow them again in 2017 and has kept them ever since.

Chief Keef

Current Style – Traditional

chief keef

As we mentioned before Dreadlocks naturally became the Drill look with the majority of artists from Chicago styling their hair this way. Outside of Lil Durk, Chief Keef is regarded as the main act to bring the Drill sound to the mainstream and he’s look played a major part.

Chief Keef started his rap career with very small locs which have now grown relatively long. Due to his hair length he regularly trims the ends and constantly has his hair in 2 strand twists.

Wiz Khalifa

Current Style – Traditional


Wiz Khalifa being one of the biggest artists of the last decade first burst onto the scene with his hit Black and Yellow. During this time period Wiz Khalifa had an afro with a patch of yellow dye which served as marketing for the song as well as personal branding. Wiz then underwent a new look which was to grow his hair into locs.

At first we saw Wiz being very experimental by dying all his hair purple and then blonde. Today he prefers a more natural look with his hair being all black and normally in 2 strand twists.




Current Style – Traditional


Future may have one of the most recognisable dreadlocks in Hip Hop Today. His locs now reach his back and have been dyed blonde. He takes very good care of his hair and makes sure to bring his stylist with him on tour for regular maintenance and upkeep.

Future for the most part has gone to the same stylist Shekinah Anderson since he was 16 years old and based on their friendship and trust has continued to use her. He also keeps his hair in multiple different styles from 2 strand twists or pony tails.



Lil Pump

Current Style – Traditional

lil pump

While majority of rappers with dreads are of black descent and African American, Lil Pump’s parents are from Colombia which makes his hair texture differ from the rest on this list.

With that said Lil Pump’s dreadlock journey was started by keeping rubber bands in the root in order to lock it. As they began to grow he would begin to constantly put colour in his hair. Most notably blonde and pink dye in his hair. Lil pump used colour in his dreadlocks as a personal branding strategy to stand out from his peers coming out of the sound cloud rapper era.


Current Style – Traditional

uzi vert

Similarly to Lil Pump, Uzi is known for his constant dreadlock colour changes. He constantly uses beach and dye to transition into different colour and styles.

Uzi is also on his 2nd set of dreadlocks. Back in 2019 Uzi decided to cut his dreads for braids and rocked this look for a year. He then decided to attach dreads to his hair. This is evident that not only does Uzi like to experiment with colour but also hairstyle. We wouldn’t be surprised if he has a completely different look next year.

Playboi Carti

Current Style – Traditional

playboi carti hair

Since Playboi Carti’s debut album we have seen him style and dye his hair in various creative ways.

For example his red coloured dreadlocks marks a time in Hip Hop in which he used the loud colours in support of his upcoming album at the time “Whole Lotta Red”

I recorded the most iconic Playboi Carti Dreadlocks Signature looks which goes into detail


From our archives we can see Carti began his dreads with the sponge twist method which would later mature into locs that are maintained at the root.

Polo G

Current Style – Traditional

Polo G Hair

Whilst Polo G’s hair started out as an afro he transitioned into having his hair twisted with a sponge and over time leaving it to matt together creating semi freeform dreads.

Today however he now has them maintained at the root with his signature style being 2 strand twists.

Outside of the 2 strand twists signature look we have seen him styling his hair in various styles such as the Half Tied Up, twist out, and dreadlock cornrows.

21 Savage

Current Style – High Top Dreads

21 Savage Hair

21 Savage began his hair journey between 2016 and 2017 with a high top fade that would form into matted hair and then locs maintained at the root.

In the 6+ years of his hair growth his dreads have not passed his shoulders which would suggest he constantly has them trimmed which is a popular thing to do.

The culture in Atlanta throughout the decades consists of men styling their hair in locs and we have early examples of this from Lil Jon, fast forward too today and we have the tradition still presenting itself on contemporary rappers such as 21 Savage.

More Rappers with Dreads (Images)


Without much debate it is evident that dreadlocks in modern times are synonymous with Jamaican & Rastafarian culture. While many individuals choose dreadlocks as a hairstyle its worth mentioning their spiritual value. With that said Hip Hop culture has deep roots to Jamaica with DJ Kool Herc birthing the sound in the Bronx during the early 1970s.