Lil Wayne Dreads

The Evolution of Lil Wayne Dreads

Semi freeform, braided, bleached, thinning and free forming would explain why Lil Wayne Dreads continuously make the headlines across the world. We have seen his hair evolve in real time in a magnitude in ways.

Chief Keef Dreads

Chief Keef Dreads Evolution

What makes the Chief Keef Dreads evolution interesting to witness in real time is his hair growing simultaneously at the same rate of the drill music sub-genre. At the time of his debut Keef was introduced to the masses with a new sound, Chicago drill.

Jay z Dreads

Jay Z Dreads Evolution (Detailed Look)

Throughout the year’s it’s been tradition that Jay z grows out his hair into a mini afro when recording an album only cutting it once the album is complete and turned in. Today however in the case of Jay z Dreads his hair growth has taken on a whole new meaning and life of its own. Jay z hair is a representation of freedom at the highest level.

J Cole Dreads

J Cole Dreads Evolution (Detailed Look)

What makes the J Cole Dreads evolution interesting to witness is being able to watch his hair growth in real time. The Hip Hop community was first introduced to J Cole back in 2007 with the release of his 1st mixtape the come up which saw the young MC sporting a fade and low cut hairstyle.


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