Ludacris Braids (Detailed Look)

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Ludacris Braids aren’t just a signature look for the rapper, but a cultural artefact that marks time in Hip Hop history. The Grammy-winning rapper, actor, and entrepreneur Ludacris has been one of the most recognizable faces in hip hop remembered for his hair, talent and creative music videos.

When it comes to the most distinctive Hairstyles Ludacris has to be one of the most memorable rappers with braids. We were privileged too witness multiple braided styles all throughout the early 2000s.


Ludacris Braids Signature Look (Late 90s – 2006)

The 90s and early 2000s mainly saw rappers sporting the traditional low buzz cuts. Which inherently made braids distinctive for their uniqueness often associated with black culture.

Ludacris Braids in cornrows (1)

Additionally, Luda’s braided hairstyle was his signature look; with all that hair flying free, his mane was easily recognizable from head to toe. 

During this period of rap you had to separate yourself from your peers vocally and stylistically. In Ludacris’s case his hair and tone of voice made him unique and cut above the rest.

We saw him style his braids in multiple patterns and styles.

Ludacris Braids in cornrows



Afro Blow Out


  afro fade


Another amazing benefit of afro hair is the afro blow outs! Ludacris showcased his true hair length with these afro blow outs which we always loved.

Sometimes with the use of a comb and sometimes with the use of a blow dryer the blowout goes down as legendary in our eyes

In the ’60s and ’70s African Americans wore this style as a symbol to represent black unity and pride. Hip Hop was built on these foundations which is no surprise to see Ludacris continuously embracing his race.



Buzz Cut and Fade

buzz cut

buzz cut

Having worn his braids for 10 years he decided to cut his hair back in 2006 which gave him an entirely new look.

At this point the decision was made for Ludacris to try another style which he revealed via the red carpet.

Though shocking at the time it suited the rapper and the masses became more accustomed to his low fade which he wore through the different fast and furious movies.

Going from a signature braided look to a buzz cut is always going to get the fans talking, in Luda’s case this look didn’t seem to go against him.

We can confidently say he styles both well.


Back to Braids


ludacris cornrow

ludacris cornrow

Jim Jones wasn’t the only rapper to bring the braids back in 2020!

Having rocked the short afro fade from 2006 up until 2020, Ludacris decided it was time to grow his hair back during lockdown.

Since then we have seen the rapper predominately rock his hair in flat cornrows and afro hair.



Wrap up

Anytime an entertainer changes a signature aspect of their look, people notice. Although Ludacris has made some strange decisions with his hair (e.g., mutton chops), he has always managed to pull it off spectacularly. 

But after all these years, his braids have become a punchline. So perhaps it’s time to consider a change when you can no longer even elicit a chuckle from your dated look. 

We hope Ludacris finds peace with his decision and continues to entertain us for many years.



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